Will I have teenage skin forever?

When I question if I will have teenage skin forever, please understand I mean in the sense of spots, redness, and oiliness, not in the Sweet Valley High Jessica and Elizabeth California smooth peachy skin way. Ageing has not spared me (as you have all read from my botox post). Therefore the invitation to go for a facial from the nice people at Origins was a most welcome treat. Until I found out it is in the store on the shop floor where people would see all of my skin flaws. It didn’t bother me in the no makeup sense, I don’t always wear makeup but when working on the blog I like to look and feel my best temporarily playing the role of a stylish blogger…. Not the reality of me typing this now makeup free and in my sweatpants with no bra on - stunning.

So with trepidation I made my appointment with Claire, I would see her at 4 pm on Thursday at the Origins counter in John Lewis, Newcastle and we would go through all of my skin care needs and try out the products. I arrived with a light covering of makeup and sat in the chair and discussed what my regime was and what I was concerned about, so I pulled out a list (actually more like a scroll rolled all the way from Origins to the main entrance) and so we began.

Once comfortable in the chair I laid back and had a headband and a towel over placed over my clothing to protect it. Claire told me that she would leave on my eye makeup and eyebrows, I was a little disappointed with as I wouldn’t get that fresh-faced clean feel, so if you go for this bare it in mind. We started by using the Original skin jelly (£19.50) to dissolve my make up with a little bit of gentle massaging. At the moment I use with DHC (£24.50) or Origins Clean Energy (£25) as I like the feeling of oil that I can use everywhere that takes off the thickest of makeup (even doublewear which can be hard to shift). I liked the feel of it but I wouldn’t have the patience to do all of the massaging myself.

Just a note here that in my twenties my skincare involved whatever was to hand - including body wash. Much to the horror of my friend Shirin who has tirelessly spent almost twenty years trying to get me into skincare by giving me lessons, facials, samples, and tellings off in equal measure. She has eventually got me there however I am yet a achieve the Snow White complexion that she has, mine has more similarity to one of her seven little pals, no prizes for guessing which one but it is not Happy.

Anyway, back to Origins, next was Checks and Balances (£16.50) as the wash to double cleanse, I love this product (not affiliated remember, I just love it) and have got at least half of my friends onto it. Nothing cleans my skin like it, avoid the eye area though it would be a little stingy (I may have used it on my eyes after washing my face after a night out) and also it's too drying for around the eyes. If there is one face wash to try this is 100% it, you won’t regret it. Once my face was clean (other than my now oddly made-up eyes) Claire commented that she understood where ‘I had the trouble with my skin’....awks…. She then quickly empathised quickly that it was the same problem areas as her own….. Bless her, canny little recovery.

After I was squeaky clean came the face scrub (Modern Friction £25) this is what Origins promise is nature’s answer to dermabrasion and they aren’t wrong, gorgeous. It smells amazing and is a lot less harsh than others, it also works well once a little water is added so although it maybe above your price point a little goes a long way. After I was now not only clean but my face was smooth and glowing it was time to give it some real TLC. The mask I tried was called Drink it up, it comes in two versions, one is an intensive overnight (I have this one) and the other a ten minute one (Drink it up 10 minute) that I tried on the day. I have to say that I actually prefer the 10-minute version, containing swiss glacier water mixed with apricot it smells divine and is really light for a mask. By this point I was feeling so relaxed I totally forgot that I was in the corner of a busy cosmetics hall, Claire gave me a hand and arm massage whilst the mask was working and it felt dreamy.

When my ten minutes was up it was time for eye cream, serum, and moisturiser. We talked through what I use already again, serum wise I am a Double Serum addict (Clarins £75) but also really like the Renewal Serum with Willowherb (£45) as an alternative. Claire used the Ginzing eye cream which comes in a nice little sponge applicator and then we used the Original skin mattifying moisturiser, which complimented the serum and gave me a really light yet fresh feel to my skin.

Claire, as are all the Origins team are super knowledgeable about the brand and really know their stuff, it wasn’t just a facial she was able to reel off what ingredients were in what and why that would be suited to me. Claire also gave me a sample of the new Retinol night cream, explaining with caution not to use it during the day (which is why she gave me a sample and didn’t put it on me) and explained the wonders it would do over a period of time….. I am very tempted. At the moment as it is Earth month (I didn’t know this either) that there's a free tote and pencil (wait for it) with every purchase, when you have used the pencil there are seedlings at the bottom and you plant in your garden…. Super cute. Origins in John Lewis offer complimentary facials with any purchase and I would highly recommend it and I am excited to go back.

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