Lifestyle: The Muddler, Grey Street, Newcastle.

This is an update from the original post which is featured below:

Last night I revisited The Muddler on Grey Street. I first went there way back in November and had a lot of comments and questions about it as is always the case with somewhere new, shiny and exciting. More often than not though complacency leads to a slip in standards, akin to that of when you have a new partner and you always shave your legs (oh, c’mon we all let it slip). So I was hopeful that The Muddler would live up to its smooth start and there were no prickles creeping in.

I dined there with my Mum for her birthday, and for the purpose of research rather than having a main dish each, we had lots of smaller plates and sides to sample everything. Whilst perusing the menu I had to try the Dim Sum again (Prawn Ha Kauw) - just as awesome, steamed to perfection, not sticky or dry - perfect. I ordered the Vegetable Tempura, Seafood Yakisoba (with the biggest, translucent, piece of heaven scallop ever - big ‘oooooo’ moment), chicken teriyaki and spicy peppered squid. I don’t need to go into detail about each one as they are just as delicious, flavoursome and again cooked to perfection.

What makes The Muddler even better for me is the service, the staff were brilliant the first time but there wasn't the smoothness of service that there is now. For such a beautiful establishment in a prime location there is always the worry that staff could be a little aloof, there is none of that, you feel so relaxed and at ease, it just makes me want to go back again. I have a nice warm fuzzy feeling that I had so many of you nice blog reader people go and eat here after my first post and I am glad that it lived up to the hype. There is only one regret that I have about my visit to The Muddler; I left it way too long. I am making up for it by going for lunch in a couple of weeks, in terms of how sure I am about visiting the Muddler, I for one could not be less muddled, enjoy!

Original blog post:

When visiting the Muddler with the intention feature it on my blog, I realised that this was my first post that was not related to fashion or beauty. However, notice I didn’t say that this post was not style related, The Muddler has style, buckets of it.

The Muddler is one of the newest establishments in the city, it is part of a leisure group that has many popular establishments already under its belt including Stack and YOLO townhouse. Tucked away at the top of Grey Street (formally the Japanese restaurant Osaka), adjacent to the Theatre Royal, it is a nice central and not too far down Grey Street to walk from the City Centre.

On entering, The Muddler has vibes that immediately made me reminisce to my all time favourite restaurant; Locanda Verde, Tribeca, New York (owned by Robert De Nero, fancy I know). The décor is that of old Hollywood mixed with a 1940’s gentleman’s club, the furnishings are grand and luxurious from the marble bar to the subtle brass chandeliers not to mention the golden alcoves that make me want to adorn myself with a feather-trimmed dress and a smoke a Vogue cigarette in a slender holder. Do not be daunted by the grandness of the décor, the staff were friendly and welcoming on a chilly January afternoon. Seated instantly by the window with the perfect view of both the restaurant and the hustle and bustle that is Grey Street.


Once comfortable we ordered drinks. The waiter informed us kindly that alcoholic beverages had to accompany a food order, which was both understandable and more than acceptable in such a beautiful restaurant.

The drinks menu ranges from contemporary to classic. In all honesty, the only issue with the cocktail menu was trying to choose only one. Everything sounds so good. Plumping for the Orange and Vanilla Highball to start was so refreshing and mixed to perfection, the token Muddler embossed orange peel was a nice finishing touch. I also tried the Espresso tonic, another signature drink and a more refreshing alternative to an Espresso Martini. The espresso is added at your table when served which makes a nice addition to the presentation.

In terms of pricing for a city centre location for cocktails, it was not overpriced and was a fair reflection of the service, choice, ingredients, and taste. I was also assured that the cocktail menu was not restricted to those listed so feel free to order an old-fashioned or a cosmopolitan. Not only Is there a strong range of wines, champagnes, sake, spirits, and beers but the soft drink menu is not your standard coke or sparkling water, try one of the Rosemary and Black olive tonics if you are in the market for something a little different.


I had no expectations at all, everything I read on the Pan-Asian menu sounded delicious and appealing (but that is not a shock for me). I liked that there was both a sushi menu as well as the main menu. The choice was varied but not too broad (which unless I am in Subway I don’t want to have multiple options), with regards to a menu, less is always more. I opted for two of the light bites (which turned into three because they were so god damn delicious).

The dim sum was a staff recommendation and it did not disappoint. Super fresh steamed prawn dumplings presented beautifully with some Japanese shredded salad, the dipping sauce was light and not too salted. The dim sum was piping hot and a sign of excellent light dumplings that they did not stick to the steamer or each other, this sounds obvious but so many places get this wrong. Loved these. In addition, I ordered the spicy pepper squid. Garnished with spring onions and fresh chilli again the squid was cooked perfectly, marinated to perfection without overpowering the taste of the squid. I thought that I was done, I was full but everything was so tempting so I ordered the Chicken Katsu, or as I will now call it ‘breaded Japanese perfection’.

I can honestly say I am not muddled in any way about a decision to return to the Muddler. My only element of disappointment was that I couldn’t eat more and stay for longer. I for one, cannot wait to return. Thank you for having me, see you again soon.

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