Pillow talk with Charlotte

I have followed Charlotte Tilbury (like actually followed what she was doing, not social media follow) long before she launched her make up range in 2013. Miss Tilbury prior to her beauty brand was in demand from the highest-profile faces in the fashion and beauty industry, from red carpet events, Vogue covers and not forgetting her creative direction for Tom Ford beauty. The focus of the initial launch was 'Magic Cream'; a moisturiser, primer, and base for all skin types that was basically magic. It is, I bought it, and I loved it, however, my bank balance doesn’t love it as much, but call it a better investment than property.

Charlotte Tilbury with Sonya Gorelova

Fast forward 6 years and Charlotte Tilbury is one of the highest profile beauty brands in the world. Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Sephora and Fenwick to name but a few have the most beautiful counters with talented Tilbury trained artists that have a real love for the brand that they are working with. The concept of visiting a Tilbury counter in the early days would be that you would try a 'look' as featured on Sonya Gorelova. Sonya’s gorgeous face showcased all products for the desired look you wanted from fresh-faced and dewy 'Ingénue', to full-on glamour that is 'Vintage Vamp'; something for every style, occasion, and colourings. Charlotte Tilbury being a fair skinned redhead was aware of the challenges of not fitting into the generic fair, medium or tanned skin tone that until the last 10 years was the only offering for foundation choice in the UK.

Fast forward 6 years, a blog under my belt and a loyal Tilbury customer given the opportunity to ‘model’ for my favorite Charlotte Tilbury counter in Fenwick, Newcastle as part of a masterclass product launch for ‘Pillow talk’. To say I was excited was an understatement, I was getting the chance to feature one of my favorite brands in my favorite stores. To say I was absolutely past myself was also an understatement, the only thing that models and I have in common is that we both have hair, teeth, and eyes. Also, I get a lot of my make up inspiration from Ru Paul’s drag race, the pillow talk collection is a soft, gentle and pink toned look. In my head, this would be amazing on a 20-year-old that had worn sunscreen since birth and makes snow white look like she’s an acne-ridden teenager. I am 30 (plus), still gets spots, have an uneven skin tone, dark circles, fine lines and three small scars on my face. The pull of the opportunity, however, was too much, I had to brave it for the opportunity alone and the fact that I am not a model, I am doing this for my people, real people.

Pillow talk launched as a lip shade initially and sold out super fast. It is the perfect nude without being nude. Anyone that has ever looked for a nude will know what I mean, you want a flesh-toned lip, but then you don’t want it to match your actual skin as it makes you look dead. Pillow talk is perfect in the sense of you can wear it alone and you have a lovely natural full lip, or with the liner for a fuller more exaggerated look on an evening. I have been known to add a sheen of ‘sweet stiletto’ gloss depending on my look. Not a surprise that it sold out so fast and at times was impossible to get hold of, I bought two last time in order not to have a lip related meltdown. The re-launch, which includes an eye palette, lip liner and a cheek to chic blush makes it all the more exciting.

Masterclass Charlotte Tilbury, Fenwick Newcastle.

As I was modelling for a masterclass, I had the benefit of one of the lead Newcastle artists applying the new collection. Actually, makeup artist is an understatement, try miracle worker. Sat down in front of some gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury clients (who were so kind and nice – thank god) helped the nerves ebb away as my base was applied. My base was Hollywood flawless filter with Light wonder on top, set with a gorgeous luminous powder. I now had skin similar to that of one of Charlotte’s models (just the skin, I am still me). Then the application of the eyes. An eye palette with rose gold hues and pink undertones was something that I would have probably steered away from and this would have been an error! The colour palette allowed my eyes to look soft and pretty but with a beautiful shape to them (like they were larger) and the look could be exaggerated further if needed, I was in love. I normally like to think that a heavier look hides a multitude of sins however the softness of this look made me feel more confident than when I am wearing darker intense eye colours. Pink on the eyes is something that I felt was more for a younger look but Charlotte’s shades have totally proven me wrong. The blush works well without being too pink (especially for someone like me that naturally has pink undertones) and I looked fresh and glowing with no Aunt Sally rosy look. And the lip, oh god, the lip. There is a reason this is favored by models and makeup artists alike. The lipliner has such a cult following that they sell 2 per minute globally. You can over line if you choose, or simply trace your natural line before applying the lipstick as it's so forgiving. The lip has a totally different look when worn with the full pillow talk face and has given me a whole new way to wear it. My lips look full yet soft, I felt like a softer prettier version of me, which is never a bad thing! If you want to feel the same, you better be quick, pillow talk launched today and over 80% of the range has sold out, so get your cute pillow talk butt to Fenwick pronto!

I loved modelling for the masterclass at Charlotte Tilbury in Fenwick Newcastle, I have visited lots of other Tilbury counters in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Ireland and I have to say this one for me is by far the best. The artists are so warm and pleasant that you don’t feel intimidated to ask questions or pressure to buy, they want to help you be the best version of your made up self, as Charlotte would say ‘thank you darlings!’

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