The three beauty treatments I cannot live without (dramatic I know).

I have already covered on my blog about how I don’t have the best skin or skin confidence. I have tried everything from nice natural treatments too harsh topical antibiotics. This has not been in the quest for anti-ageing, but more wanting to have a nice even skin tone that isn’t oily or dry due to horrendous teenage skin that lasted well into my thirties. In essence, I want skin like a Disney character. If you had said I would post several photographs online for the world to see me make-up free a year ago, I would have laughed in your face (and probably slapped you across it with a wet fish to knock you to your senses).

In come the magical Newcastle hair and beauty people. I have been visiting this salon for a long time before we decided to work together, nestled up a little stairway on Northumberland Street (next door to Superdrug). So although the part about the facial is an ad as it was gifted, the rest of it isn’t as these are treatments that I pay for.

My unfiltered make-up free face. You can print this and put it on the fireplace to keep the bairns away from the fire. Look at my skin though, amazing.

Decleor harmony facial

I was booked in for this at 9 am Saturday, I had a few glasses of fizz the night before after a stressful week and shit night's sleep. I was not expecting miracles. On arrival, I was asked to take off my top half (clothing wise) and once settled, to set the mood there was an amazing warm (mini hot water bottle) back massage to release any tension, such a relaxing start. Then the therapist cleansed my skin to get rid of any traces of make-up. Now, I had come in after washing my face and hadn’t had any makeup on that morning, I am ashamed to admit this cleanse showed I am not cleaning my face properly. Next, there was an analysis of my skin, having a look and a chat about what my concerns were and what my routine was so the treatment was personalised to my skin needs. Next was a lovely facial massage, a peel-off exfoliation which felt a bit weird as it dries on your skin, an amazing mask that smelled divine and some very pleasant massaging of my arms, shoulders and décolletage. I felt so relaxed in my little towelling papoose I didn’t want to get up. I did eventually after an hour, moving at a glacial pace, I was so floaty and relaxed. I had a quick look to see what my skin looked like which I expected there to be little difference but holy shit, I was so glowy and even. Hence the naked face selfie snap! It wasn’t just the treatment itself but the after-effects, my skin has been more balanced all week, I have amazingly had no breakouts at all which happens a lot after a facial and I cannot wait to go back and will happily part with my own money to pay for this super-soft harmonised skin, thank you for all the nice comments on the day I posted this photograph too you lovely blog reader people.


I have been getting waxed for around 4 years now, I try and keep up with it every 6-7 weeks. It started due to being on a long holiday and it is more convenient. I don’t want to talk about the very first wax as I have no better way to describe it than having rocks thrown at you for 45 minutes and then soothing your skin with nettles. And yes, I went back. The first time is the worst, the root of those hairs have happily never been disturbed so it is like pulling a peg out of a pinprick, beyond agony. I promise you it gets better, otherwise why the hell would I have done it again. I see Emily at Newcastle Hair and Beauty and this nice, soft-spoken young therapist is a waxing ninja. She is swift (the best quality in a waxer), doesn’t indulge me if I whinge, keeps me talking through the worst bits and doesn’t mind my profanity, which is a good job as I swear like a sailor. On top of that, she does the best job and it has taken me years on a global search (I get waxed wherever I am in the world) to find her. I never need to check if I am happy with her work (as all good waxers should ask you) as she never misses any which is a feat in itself as I jump around that much it must be like she is waxing a frog.


I have my LVL done here too. This is life-changing! I get this done every 4-6 weeks. For those of you that don’t know (I didn’t) LVL stands for ‘Length Volume Lift’ of your natural lashes. I was naturally wary of doing anything to my lashes again (read my previous post: A life in lashes), but my friend had it done and they looked amazing so off I went. I am now addicted and have LVL done every 8-9 weeks, basically until my natural lashes grow back. The process can be a little weird and uncomfortable as your eyes are shut for some time and you have to have adhesive pads placed around the eye to protect your lower lashes and the eye area. You also need to pop into the salon for a patch test 48 hours before the first time you have the treatment. It is perfectly safe when you go to a trusted salon like Newcastle hair and beauty and the results are amazing. If you want you don’t even need to wear mascara anymore, I mean I do, I have never been the natural type - shock. Your eyes look so open afterwards and I find it helps me look less tired. Other than being careful with them for the first 24 hours and I like to apply a little eyelash serum to keep them conditioned they just stay like that until your lashes start to push through and replace them. I couldn’t live without this treatment now, dramatic I know.

There is NO mascara on the right, literally before and after, amazing!

Newcastle hair and beauty offer a £5 voucher off your first treatment and packages if there are several treatments that you like for £60 (details on their website) as well as a full price list. The best part for me is also the ability to book online with your preferred therapist so I am not faffing around trying to find a time to ring with my diary in hand. You can find the website here to book in for plump skin, smooth skin and the prettiest eyelashes you can desire:

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