Lifestyle: The quest for insta success

I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me for my 'insta'? It took me a while to realise that they weren't asking for sex or money but simply a link to where I posted 'all of the photographs of my outfits'. Now, let's start by saying I hate having my photo taken so I avoided Instagram like Phoebe the Cat avoids Dennis my Doberman. However, after nagging from friends that thought I knew a thing or two about style and kind strangers that asked where I got my dress/skirt/necklace from I decided to take the Instagram plunge.

Day to day life.

I was blissfully unaware that my real life would be VERY different from my Instagram life, I had heard this was the case but was not aware of the reality. Posting a photograph of my regular visits to California was a little soul destroying when I was actually sitting in a multi-story car park in Newcastle waiting for someone to do a million point turn.

Just a really natural pose in the centre of New York....


I now know is not something that the CPS do to make sure that they know where I am after 9pm it is something that allows everyone and their dog to know where I am, who I am wearing and what I am doing. I am getting better at it, I assure you, however, there are so many times I feel like I can hashtag Zara and Topshop without being a really needy ex-girlfriend that may result in a restraining order soon.


At first, I thought that I was a day away from getting a Ferrari sent to me with monogrammed seats and a sidecar for the dogs. LOTS of people want to endorse you but it is largely tat so don't accept it. Some of them you have to buy the first item..... hardly and then they send you a 'special surprise' probably debt or they want you to take photos of your lovely 'shoe collection' on your feet to sell to 'special buyers' perverts pet.

I have only been on this a few weeks...... I will let you know.... people seem to like it.

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