Lifestyle: Taking the perfect (that'll have to do) 'fashion blogger' shot.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

How complicated can it be to take a decent photograph? Surely as someone that owns an iPhone and has opposable thumbs it truly cannot be that difficult.... oh how wrong I was.

The average blogger photograph takes anywhere between 10-35 shots. It is super difficult to either take it yourself or badger someone that is around you to take it correctly. It is all well and good a stranger saying 'I have taken two'.... just won't cut it.

I have learned that the tiniest thing can make the biggest difference, mere millimetres of light exposure, mirror reflections, the direction of a chin and in my case a 6 stone dog clattering towards you at a rate of knots. I would like to say that since I have started the blog that I am a breeze at this, I can work my angles, know my light and play to my strengths, but this would be a ginormous lie. I don't even think that I have angles, or if I have I am yet to find those which are probably hiding with the secret to eternal youth.

I have not dipped my toe in the editing waters any further than a nice filter (I am yet to have a favourite) but I have found apps that only change things like my face shape, thigh size and smooth out my skin but I can actually add eyelashes and grow in height. My concern here is that I am being invited to endorse items and attend beauty and fashion events as a blogger... I don't want to shatter the illusions of the nice PR people when I look more like Sloth from the Goonies rather than morphing myself into a combination of Gigi and Bella.

Creating photographs can also be to the detriment of your nearest and dearest, despite having an awareness of my own limitations I cannot understand how what I see is not reflected on the photographs that they are taking on my behalf. How can they look so different, what on earth are they doing so wrong! It can test the strongest bonds. On the other hand, it can catapult a bond between friends or a significant other into a union stronger than marriage and eternal love, only if there is one good shot. The elation is right up there with the birth of a child or a new puppy.

My advice to conclude is to try and be yourself. Smile, but not too much. Pose, but not weirdly and of course let your natural beauty shine through (said no app or anyone that has attempted to blog ever), so literally be as awkward and as far removed from your genuine self as you can, you’ll be great!

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