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I spend a lot of time in LA. I love it there and if it weren't for the fact that the Visa programme doesn't lend itself to UK citizens I would be writing this from there as I would live there. I want to say that it reminds me of my hometown but with the sun. However, it doesn't, I just really like it. It is vacuous, superficial, expensive and materialistic.... my idea of heaven with shops.

My shopping habits in LA has been perfected over the years. I initially read articles about shopping and tried to see and visit everything, this is impossible and you really need to focus on quality, not quantity.

West 3rd Street district

By far my favorite, whether it is vintage finds or high-end local designers West 3rd has it all. It is fun, trendy but not too try hard. Lunch at Joan's on 3rd is a must and The Way We Wore ( is an absolute must. I missed out on a dress that two years ago I stupidly thought about and went back for and it was gone. I cried (sobbed) in the store. The shop assistants comforted me, to this day I still grieve for the dress, I have added an image (ignore the underwear) 1940's, ballroom feather. Whoever has her I thought that they will love her and care for her as much as I would have.

The Grove and Fairfax

FYI on the way to West 3rd go via Fairfax... you HAVE to go to Dollskill ( I was there for the opening and it was AMAZING!!!! So amazing that I went back the next day and in my excitement got a whopper of a parking ticket... worth it! It may look loud and scary at first and you may think that you are walking into an abattoir (big plastic hanging tassels to walk through) but there are some phenomenal hidden gems here to match up with more, erm... tame.... outfit choices. I bought a skirt called 'liquid sunshine' and I will feature it when I wear it.... nothing else like it. The Grove is a must too, it's like the Truman show set, perfect American movie set but without Jim Carrey (thank goodness).


I love Melrose! Cool scene, mixture of tourists and locals and the shops range from Fred Segal to some of my favourites such as Reformation ( for super chilled dresses that can work for daytime brunch or a Summer wedding with the right accessories and Ten Over Six ( perfect for some of the established and up and coming designers on the West Coast in particular.

Reformation, 8000 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA

Santa Monica - The Promenade

If you have ever watched a single episode of any teen drama (who hasn't) then this is where they would hang out on a weekend in jean shorts and a vintage tee. Street entertainment (not your average busker with a flat cap) from rappers to opera singers and more dogs in shops than out on the street. This place has all of the shops that you want to bring something home for your mate from, Nordstroms is perfect for where I stock up on the comfiest jeans ever (you can sit on the floor cross-legged and your upper body and legs still have circulation) - and they do international shipping or you can buy them in Selfridges ( As well as all of the usual Sephora, JCrew, Victorias Secret (with a Bra Bar!) and some of the nicest bars and coffee shops off the main promenade. Also, this area of the city is perfect for celeb spotting, I couldn't tell you the amount of times I have had repeated silently in my head here 'just be cool, just be cool'.

I could talk about LA forever, this is just a snippet of highlights, more to come......

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