Jilly's Christmas pain free gift guide

I may as well get it over with, the obligatory Christmas gift guide. I am going to suggest some gift ideas (nothing on this post is a paid ad), and reluctantly talk about how to make it through the Christmas period without being arrested for murder. To say that I am not a fan of Christmas is an understatement, I make the Grinch look like Elf. We could delve deep into my psyche and come up with a rationale behind why, but no one has time for that. I just don’t like it, the end. I don’t do gifts but I will do cards, but this is largely as I have beautiful handwriting and like to show it off. So, here is my essential gift guide, to purchase these things you don’t have to leave the house and face the shit music, dawdling people and sparkly lights. You are welcome.

The fashionista

This is my stomping ground, so all tried and tested recommendations. First up is a Name necklace, made famous by Carrie Bradshaw I bought mine when I started the blog, I upgraded to real gold in August when my mum bought it for my birthday, meaning I rarely take it off. It is so delicate and I like it short (15”) so that it goes with my other necklaces when I layer it up. Anna Lou of London make all necklaces to order so leave yourself at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer in the run-up to Christmas, basically order now otherwise you may end up disappointed.

Pj’s by Chelsea Peer NYC, these just feel the nicest most comfortable pyjamas ever, order online or locally at Fenwick Newcastle. I always size up in pj’s as I like to feel comfortable in bed (I am always cold so sleep in them too) but there is no need in these, stay true to size, the bumblebee ones are my favourite and Neville likes them too.

If your budget goes a little further than without question for me a pair of Christian Louboutins are always going to be a winner, at the moment there are no current colours that I am in love with (my credit card can is relieved) however, if this is the first pair for the receiver then go classic. So Kate or Pigalle, I always get the 120mm heel but I have a PhD in wearing heels if you don’t then you will break your ankles, go for the 100mm. Also, just in case you were thinking of treating me I am more than happy to have a voucher to the value for Selfridges, it is NO PROBLEM at all, thank you.

The beauty lover

For a stocking filler, I would always choose my favourite mascara which is Too faced Damn girl £22, lasts for ages and doesn’t flake or move all day. Best mascara after years of trial and error. Love it, I couldn’t imagine using a different one now that I have found her. A novel gift idea would be a subscription to Beauty Pie ( I wanted to do a couple of orders before I gave a recommendation and try more products, but I have to say that I am sold, love it. My skin has never been better and the conditioner feels the same as when I use Kerastase. Any beauty lover would love a subscription and they could enjoy their monthly ‘pie day’ (carb-free) I am already addicted (post to follow soon), trust me, it is great. 

The tech geek

I try not to associate with these people. There is little that you can buy them that isn’t expensive and instantly becomes out of date. There are the obvious things like one of those watches that brushes your teeth or whatever but these are often super expensive. I don’t care about techy stuff but I love the look of this. It is a floating Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is probably shite, it may not connect easily and I have no idea how this sorcery works, but holy shit, a floating speaker! This would impress any techy person surely. If not then Selfridges sell jet packs for £340,000 (limited stock left) who the hell has been buying them?

The ‘don’t get me anything this year’ Mum

Clarins, Clarins, Clarins. You cannot fail. The products are beautiful and the staff are so knowledgeable that your mum will love popping back so she can be shown what everything is used for with the Clarins method. If you are not sure what products to buy then I would go with a treatment and a voucher so she can pick. Facials on the beauty bar in Fenwick Newcastle start from £26 for a 30-minute treatment to a real luxury signature facial in the spa (one in Fenwick and one in John Lewis). Its a real treat, and I am yet to go to a Clarins counter where the beauty advisors and therapists are not just the nicest people but also not intimidating whatsoever. Honestly, your mum will love it. If you want a little gift to wrap alongside the voucher go for the Instant Lip light comfort oil, you can get this with or without a hint of colour and is a lovely little stocking filler, I couldn’t live without mine in the winter months. Love it.

The dog

Neville wanted a drum kit this year but I don’t have the soundproofing budget, Dennis just wanted a fresh insert for his Filofax so that was easy enough. By far the best thing that you can get a dog to entertain him or her indoors is a classic, the Kong. It's like Trivial Pursuit for dogs, no matter how many times you have played it you still struggle like it’s the first time you played. I fill them with carrots and a spoon of peanut butter as dog biscuits go everywhere. Dennis has the technique down to expert level with his killer jaw, Neville, however, is just as perplexed by this as he is by life, daily.

The outdoorsy person

Don’t buy anything for this person, if this how they choose to spend their time then they deserve nothing. Just kidding, I have been known to be outdoorsy in the Summer with a dog, remember outdoors and no dog? Stranger danger. ( Anyone worth their outdoor salt should already have some Salomons, mine are pink (shock) and they are the most comfortable thing that I have ever put on my feet. If I had a desire to run up a hill, I reckon that these would work, however, they are equally good for a normal pace on rugged terrain, I do not advocate running up hills, leave that to the weirdos. If these are a little out of your budget. Socks and gloves are another good bet, feet and hands are always the bits that bring black clouds over enjoying your time in the winter wilderness. My top picks for socks that are pretty and practical are these Hikerdelic socks, your trotters will be toastie. 

The emergency gift

A Jo Malone candle. This works for anyone with a house and you will use if you don’t need to reluctantly give it as a gift. It’s ideal for when someone that you would not have expected pops in with a sodding gift. This will save you the embarrassment and blind panic as it is already wrapped. If you don’t want to splash out on the full-size candle (£48) go for the travel candle size (£23) and if you know anyone that needs a candle when they go travelling they are going to the wrong places. I like the more musky scents personally, but if you are buying for a gift go for something safer such as Pomegranate Noir or Peony Blush and Suede.

Good luck with the hell that is Christmas shopping alongside all of the other bells and whistles that I would happily shove….. Merry Christmas Fashionistas.

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