Is Botox ever a good idea?

Ageing is inevitable, it’s right up there with taxes and death. For me another one to add to the list is being angry. I am generally angry more than I am not, this is my default setting. Whether it is years of avoiding carbs or slow walkers, I am like the Hulk with a cuter outfit. My years of anger have taken their toll on the upper part of my face, between my eyebrows in particular. I started to develop a frown line or in aesthetic terms a ‘glabellar line’ which is a vertical line between your eyebrows in my mid twenties, and as I progressed into my early thirties it started to become deep enough that I could keep my phone in it on a night out. There needed to be a solution, surely to god I wasn’t one of those women that would need botox……

Let me start by saying nobody needs Botox, but then I don’t need a new pair of shoes or a new dress, but it is nice to have nice things and it is even nicer to not look fuming, constantly. So after trying a variety of creams, serums and pinning all my hopes on ‘deep filler’ lotions I was left with little choice but to seek more help. That help came in the form of a substance that has been mocked and applauded in equal measures, results have looked ‘amazing and natural’ to the ‘wind tunnel-surprised’ look. Therefore it was with trepidation I proceeded into this whole new world.

I researched, I googled, I called, I consulted, I asked, and then, well then I found her (cue violin music, a harp and some dry ice). Jill Butler (I mean she is called Jill so I had to be onto a winner). I contacted Jill and explained what I wanted and what I felt my issues were, I asked her if I could send a photograph and she could assess it and then I could make an appointment. How naive of me, Jill was having none of that. She would only consult in person before she could assess me and proceed with treatment, she was friendly yet clear on exactly how this would go, so off I went.

I visited Jill in her clinic in South Shields, she immediately put me at ease but there was no nonsense and no flannel (perfect - I was there to have needles in my face, I didn’t want any ego stroking or bullshit). Jill went through a full medical check and filled me in on her extensive and impressive professional background. After becoming a registered nurse she then went on to train to be a cosmetic injector in 2003. As a result of her success in this field she has not only lectured but helped actually develop injectables, basically I could go on, but trust me, this woman knows her stuff. It is not a surprise that Jill was awarded the ‘Aesthetic Clinician of the Year 2018’ by the North East Beauty awards.

As an aside to Jill’s clear experience and qualifications in the field I cannot write this without mentioning what Jill looks like. A petite, beautiful and graceful woman that is happy to admit that she uses some of the procedures that she performs but you would only know this because of the context of how you are meeting her. If you met Jill at a party you would either compliment her on her beauty or go home and put a face mask secretly seething that you didn’t look that good, she is gorgeous and petite and I want to take her home in my pocket.

Jill assessed my medical history prior to assessing my cosmetic requests, she wanted to make sure that I was suitable for the treatment prior to discussing the treatment options. I discussed with Jill my desire to look ‘less angry’ (please note, this is not to be less angry as a person, she’s not a miracle worker). I wanted to achieve an outwardly serene face, and be absolutely f**king foaming on the inside. Now is a good time to tell you, I hate needles, not that anyone loves them but, I am not a fan. Therefore the thought of having them in my face was not making me super happy but as I have mentioned before as my mother has told me pride is painful. After the consultation Jill booked me in the following week for botox in my forehead including my glabellar. Then there was the next big hurdle, telling Carol…. my mother.

Just to be clear, I am indeed a grown woman however, I never want to disappoint or not consult my mother, plus for my readers that know my Mum, no nonsense springs to mind. So we were chatting, and I told her, it went like this; shake of the head, deep sigh, eyebrow raise, silence…. More silence….. Then ‘well I suppose if that’s what you want to do to your lovely sparrow face’ (yes, my Mam thinks that I have a face akin to a small bird) then I had the green light (well green light that had a hint of disappointment) I was good to go.

I arrived on time with not a look of crossness but mild panic on my face, I was called through and I was immediately put at ease. ‘Don’t watch me draw up the liquid and it's absolutely nothing to worry about’ - and off we went. I have been known to be a wuss (shock) and was prepared for needles going in as thick as a drinking straw and through my skull for the procedure, it was NOTHING like this! Super quick and it kills me to say it as I love dramatic emphasis but it didn’t hurt, which I still don’t really understand. Jill is so skilled and proficient at this she is quick but not rushed. I was astounded. I left with some slight swelling which is totally normal and then I waited……

I am furious on this photograph.... who would know!?

Aftercare was amazing, I had a few wobbles about my forehead in the first few hours (because I am a total fanny) and Jill texted back being reassuring me with what is normal, but again not indulging me so I felt calm and upright (you cannot lie down in the hours afterwards). I mean Jill has to be professional as I know that I would call me a stupid cow otherwise - she didn’t. Within two weeks around check up time, everything was settled and working. I was looking smooth but not shiny or surprised, very natural and in essence less angry. I was over the moon to say the least. The fear of looking ‘botoxed’ was gone, as I didn’t, I looked exactly like me but only angry on the inside. I was able to lull general society into a false sense of security that I was a happy go lucky, calm and mild character on the outside on the inside I was angry, basically I was now a sniper from the side, no one had a clue when I was about to strike. Thanks to Jill I am the Hulk constantly without a hint of warning, let's hope when I see her next she can stop me going green.

Consultations with Jill are free please mention ‘Jilly a life in style’ on booking: 07721771949

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