Has lockdown changed my beauty and style habits forever?

I need to start by saying I am not going into the in’s and out’s of COVID-19 on this post. We have all lived through lockdown, we have all had our way of dealing with it and some of us have encountered more difficulties than others, it is not a competition, basically we are all in the shit together.

So, yes, life has changed beyond recognition, we have adjusted to a new normal, the rules are that we avoid everybody, wash our hands to the point we look like a golden girl from the wrist down and we aren’t supposed to stroke dogs, I still do, it’s worth the risk. From a fashion and beauty point of view, however, will our lives resume to what they were before now that there are tiny glimmers of normality visible on the horizon, read on……


A non-starter, I won’t be doing my waxing, facials, lash lifts, massage, etc, I could go on with this list as it takes a village. I will not be doing any of these things, I need to see Emily (Newcastle Hair and Beauty), I would happily have her in my ‘bubble’ as the one person outside of a household you can see, sorry dear friends, you should see the state of me. I have worked on my makeup game a little on the days I haven’t been working, Lisa Eldridge for me is my all-time favourite for makeup tutorials and most of her work suits my age and look so I have been practising watching her, she also has such a nice voice and do not get me started on her ring collection. There is a sea of makeup tutorials on Instagram and youtube, I find most of them are aimed at 16-year-olds wanting to be a Kardashian which is not my MO. I have perfected the feline flick which has taken me 30 plus years, which was stunning news until I realised that it didn’t suit me, waste of a day that was.

My eyeshadow blending is better, I still cannot execute the perfect cut crease but I can dye my own lashes and eyebrows without dying my face so I reckon that’ll save me about £22 every couple of months, hardly an OBE level achievement is it? I also stayed in touch with Jill Butler @aestheticexpertclinic the entire time, right up there with my mum and best friend, as one of my friends so eloquently said I will have a forehead like a ball bag come to the end of lockdown, sadly I have to admit that he is right, Jill I have missed you.


I took up running, I wasn’t one of those knob heads that wanted everyone on Instagram to give me a virtual cheer for doing so, I am a grown woman running I don’t need any of that ‘well-done hun, you are amazing’ bullshit, this will be new information. I am competitive with myself all the time (and others) so have been pushing myself, I want to say that it makes me feel amazing, free and fit, it doesn’t it is torturous. It is is also boring AF, not just the running but talking about the running, I was telling my friend about my distance and time and she was like ‘‘this is the most boring conversation I have ever had with you, ever’, I laughed a lot, my friends don’t sugarcoat things, this is why I like them. So basically I ran more than 100 miles in May, I don’t want a medal, I want to be skinny, however, I feel the same apart from around the thighs, I feel more Geoff Capes than Kate Moss 1992. If you do spot me running I have a face like thunder and when other runners do the ‘I’m a runner too aren’t we mint’ wave or smile I purposely ignore them and then call them a name as I pass under my hyperventilating breath. I’m less pleasant when I am running than my normal day to day crossness which I didn’t think was possible.

Me out for my daily run.


I miss the hairdressers but not as much as I thought I would. As a result of going grey so young the salon has been more of a 3-week function than a treat, not being able to go in lockdown spun me into a blind panic. As you know I got the names of the colour and brand from my salon and have done my roots myself because I am still at work, I can’t reveal my inner Pepe le pew. I can say that I won’t be going as often, not because I have embraced my natural self, ha, as if, hell would have to freeze over first, but, because I can do my roots myself so will only go every 9 weeks now instead of every three. I would like to say that I will save a fortune as a result but that is just more money to spend on clothes and other fashion-related tat.

Me on the third week of every month.


I didn’t shop online as much as I thought that I would, mostly as I had no occasion to shop for so it seemed pointless but also as it's not that exciting when you can only wear new stuff for work or in the house. I made a few attempts at buying jeans but that was a nightmare and felt that my inability to find the right pair was putting a national strain on dpd. I have spent the majority of the lockdown being desperate for the shops to open but now as it draws close in the next two weeks I am not so sure. The thought of not being able to try things on such as clothes and makeup and browse without having to apologise a million times for going the wrong way or being 1.99metres away from someone that a spot on 2metres (and then they scream social distance at you), just makes me feel a bit sad. I mean don’t get me wrong I have already bought myself a two-man tent, a sleeping bag and a camping stove for the night before Fenwick opens but I am not as excited as I thought. I don’t think that online shopping is any substitute for the real thing, if lockdown has taught me anything then basically I need to go to the shops even more, excellent.

Anything else….

I have always lived by the view that you should ‘never save anything for best’ largely as I want to wear anything that I buy straight away and then you might get hit by a bus tomorrow (or y’ know there might be a global pandemic). This motto could never be more true, you never know what is around the corner, wear, look and do what makes you feel good. Also, keeping in touch is just as important as ever, make time for the coffee, the call, the text, the email and sod it when you can hug anyone that will let you.

New vest for when the hugging starts up.

Notice that I said ‘you’ should do this, I won’t be, I am not a hugger, cold-hearted cow, shock eh. I hope that lockdown hasn’t been too sad, stressful or difficult on any of you, I hope that you come out of it with more zest and appreciation for the smaller things in life, and the bigger things you only live once so buy the shoes.

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