Fashion: or store dilemma.

I love Zara. I love almost everything about it. The volume of clothes, the sizing (which works for me), the classic styles, the on-trend styles, work wear and accessories for the season.

But a little bit of me dies every time that I have to pay or return an item. I have literally aged in the Zara line, I have missed key world events and have tested my bladder beyond dimension. I don't understand why such a successful brand is so unsuccessful at processing a transaction. It may have something to do with the fact that the level of security with regards to tagging would put MI5 to shame, suppose that takes a little time.

So, why not just shop online? Save the time and browse with a cold drink and an assortment of nibbles. Well, I do, frequently. I arrive at the store to collect my recyclable unattractive brown box with no handle an albeit a little cumbersome carry it to the car and go home to try everything on. 90% of which looks nothing like it did on the edgy trendy model and 10% looks fantastic..... and so back to Zara, I go. Yes, I know you can return by post but I am not Rockefeller and by the time the postal transaction is processed I may have missed out on something else that I HAVE to have in my life.

So what to do? Zara, if you are reading this, if you hear me, please sort out your till system, for all our sakes.

Wearing my Zara jacket that I have physically aged in trying to buy it.

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