Fashion: The Christmas party edit

Anyone that knows me is well aware that I make the Grinch look like Santa. I find Christmas mostly irritating and I well aware that this goes against the social grain but I would be a hypocrite to write about my ‘super festive cheer’.

Jacket and shorts, Topshop, bodice, Victorias Secret, Bag, Moschino, Hair clips, Ashley Williams, Shoes, Christian Louboutin 'So Kate'.

The same songs every year (at what point would you listen to the same songs for every year of your life in a specific month), never is the answer. The food, yes, some of the food is nice and I love M&S party food as much as the next person. But, the social media world food thing irritates me immensely. All these posts about ‘indulging’ in festive treats from fashion people that are all bones and hair, garbage. There are few women over 30 that are a natural size zero that really indulge. By indulge I mean actually eat the food, not photograph themselves next to the food, clearly holding their breath in case they inhale a calorie, I call bullshit skinnies.

Then there is the Christmas party. Not the one with friends, but the work one, the 'work do'. The work party can fill many of us with excitement or anticipation. What can possibly go wrong? I am sure that we can all recall ‘the person at the Christmas party that….’ Story, no one wants to be that person. Therefore, dressing for a Christmas party can fill many of us with trepidation to get it right. For many years I always wore something that I would never wear, in essence something classic, conformist, smart with possibly a hint of sparkle or knee (shocking). Working in a professional environment the idea of wearing a tutu with a strapless bodysuit or a vintage Vivienne Westwood fur micro mini with sheepskin trim and modesty flap (to cover my butt) just never really said ‘professional at a party’.

When I hit (and passed) 30. I came to the recognition that throughout my life I have never dressed for anyone else, just for me and my reflection. I have never dressed to attract male attention, to fit in with a group or to make friends. I have always worn what I truly loved. I have welled up with joy over outfits that I have fallen in love with and have grieved for the ‘out of stock’. Therefore, why was I not bold enough to wear what I wanted when I have never been worried about what people think in this one social situation? I had no reason, it didn’t make sense so I had no reason to go forward with this style that wasn’t me.

Velvet bodysuit, HM, Skirt, Vintage Vivienne Westwood, shoes as previous.

This year I am wearing a suit, wait for it. A suit that has been labelled ‘Chandelier dressing’ by Who What Wear and I have done my own take on it. The outfit is as noisy and heavy as if I was wearing an actual chandelier, there is no way what so ever that it will go down well with everyone (haters gonna hate) but for me, I love it! Both the jackets and the shorts are a in a crystal navy blue with a thread of metallic and covered in long tassels that swish with every move, I have tried and it is impossible to make this outfit stay still even if you hold your breath! Just on the off chance that this outfit isn’t enough ‘me’ to top the outfit off I can only add my ‘Misery’ and ‘Hate’ clips by my favourite British designer at the moment Ashley Williams. Just to be clear, these words can act as a reminder to anyone that tries to knock me off my sparkly perch.

The message in this week's blog is to go forth and dress as you want for you, not for other people that you don't normally socialise with. Don’t blend in, be the flamingo in a flock of professional pigeons. Be bold, be confident, and sparkle!

Also, if I do get too much negativity I can always spin round really fast as these tassels are heavy, I could take down the hulk with a twirl.

Bah humbug fashionistas!

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