Fashion: Biker boot heaven

Givenchy Leather Embellished Biker boot

People always say that falling in love happens when you least expect it, and nothing more was true of that this week. I was merely browsing and I turned the corner and right before me, my eyes met theirs and that was it, I fell hard and fast for the Givenchy Biker studded boot. There was movie music and everything started to move in slow motion as we were drawn towards each other, my hand outstretched reaching towards them with a misty look in my eye. Alas, as fast as this whirlwind romance started like all great love stories it came to an abrupt and tragic end. The price being £965, yes fashionistas, £482 a foot! Good god. Did I love them enough to default on my mortgage? I did weigh this up however, I decided even a love of this nature couldn’t outweigh the need for a roof over my head.

So with a heavy heart, an alternative was needed and the search began. I have been a longstanding fan of the biker boot and in the last three years, I have bought a different pair. This year I wanted embellishment and a boot that was a little bit higher up my leg than what I usually go for, a really good chunky sole and easy to fasten (I cannot be doing with fannying on with multiple zips and buckles). I found these gorgeous winners in Kurt Geiger which was surprising as I am not normally a massive KG fan but these were exactly what I was looking for. I procrastinated for a while as they were over budget but then as luck would have it there was a 20% offer on boots and took it as a sign. Remember that you get 10% off at KG just for signing up for their newsletter should there not be a better offer. The SANDER boot (£189) goes with everything, jeans, dresses, shorts (with black tights). They make any outfit have a nice edge to it, the length and the sparkle make them slightly softer but are super practical, as featured below.

If these are not up your street or a little out of price range without the offer below I have sourced some excellent alternatives. If my credit card wasn't currently screaming in December I would actually buy them all.

Zara £69.99

Zara: Bejewelled Leather ankle boot

Zara are always really dependable for their boots at this time of year and my last two pairs were from here. They are true to size and break in really quickly and are comfortable. They have a nice chunky sole and tend to have a tighter ankle so tend to look better with skirts and dresses. These have a slight block to the heel if you don't want to go totally flat. And don't worry, there is an inner zip that makes these easy to get on and off (thank you Zara).

Dune: Pear embellished Lace Up Biker Boot

Dune, currently £112 (original price £140)

These boots from Dune are a lot more pretty and feminine if you are not ready for a real heavy look and want to build up to it. A little more expensive but they are a really soft leather and will look good with jeans, skirts and dresses due to them being tapered at the ankle but allowing a little extra width higher up. There is an inner zip so easy to fasten and more delicate sole. Currently on sale and likely to go down again in the January sales a good one to keep an eye on.

This is a timeless look and if in doubt I can always wear these last minute to make something really pretty look cool or something simple have a bit of an edge. I have never been on a motorcycle but I think I will leave this for now as I would hate to scuff my boots, especially if they were Givenchy (deep sigh).

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