Fashion and Style: Workwear chic on a budget

Browsing for work clothes used to be something that I really disliked. The thought of buying clothes for work instead of my other clothes felt like a waste. For me, once an item from my wardrobe has made an appearance at work it can never return to the fun carefree life it had in the fun wardrobe. It leaves one wardrobe filled with dancing, drinks with friends, shopping and holidays to gaining a more mature and professional set of clothes pals with its sensible counterparts. I work in a professional environment and the dress code is ‘business dress’. However, I have always struggled to meet a business dress that I really like, however hard you try to get a ‘modest cut’ it often means frumpy and the amazing colour spectrum of black to grey or a ‘jazzy’ taupe often brings me out in hives.

I cannot stress enough that you should NEVER wear polyester trousers, go naked and get the sack, you may end up unemployed but you should never have to spend the day in clothing that gives you static, ever.   My blogging has a real focus on getting it right for work (when I do) as there are just as many days I don’t, but I am getting better. I try to introduce as much colour as possible (it makes people nervous) and in my head, I sometimes have a theme based on something I have seen or watched and may tone it down or up a little depending on what I have on that day.

A classic pencil skirt always works however, this Rabbit shirt from Topshop keeps it interesting.

My favorites at the moment.

The pink suit. I am pretty sure everyone I work with hates this but I love it. I like that in a sea of office colours I am a tropical stablo boss fish. It is a bold and brave choice yet I feel amazing in it and bought it on a whim when going to pick up some slippers for a gift from Next. It is a raspberry hue and I either wear a matching lip (Mac: Lady Danger) or a pink toned (muted not albino rabbit) style eyeshadow (Anastasia of Beverly Hills: Dusty Rose) is perfect. I have tried many suits from designer to high street but Next ones just seem to be made perfectly for my height and measurements. I try to get the petite range jacket in a 6 and standard trousers in a 6 and it is always a stylish cut and fit. Sadly, nothing else in Next works for me on this sort of fit, but the suits are fantastic.

Accessorise a classic blouse with a vintage brooch

Netflix and work

If I have work to do on an evening and it isn’t taking up my entire concentration I love to stick Netflix on and work with it in the background, actually, scratch that. I just lay all my l work out in front of me and watch Netflix. Depending on what I am watching depends on what I might wear the next day. For example, watching the remake of Dynasty (it’s so dramatic and silly you can watch it with the sound off for the fashion alone) I may go for a Fallon or Alexis style. Gossip girl I switch between Serena and Blair (and now at my age probably more Lily's fashion).

Channelling my inner Fallon Carrington on a Monday morning

Safe bet on a non-suit day

When I am dashing or cannot think of anything inspiring to pair up a fashion favorite are wide leg culottes (the ones from Zara, £29.99 search for: wide leg Culottes in red, black, green and ecru) in every colour are super smart and comfortable on none suit days and they are high waisted and so flattering. I prefer to wear them with a bodysuit and then a cropped jacket but they look great with a little cashmere jumper such as my monogrammed one from JCrew (cheesy but super cute).  

When in doubt, accessorise.

If I have to wear a sensible outfit accessorising sometimes is all I have to give me life! So if I have a plain suit or outfit hosiery, brooches and jewellery are key. I love a silk shirt (Autograph Marks and Spencer are the best!) with a chunky chain link necklace. Or when I am wearing a navy suit, nothing better than two gold beetles climbing up my lapel (probably trying to escape my bland outfit) who would blame them. I love an interesting fishnet or patterned tight. My favorite at the moment are Wolford Twenties tights in Gobi, expensive at £29 for a pair (I know) but they don't bobble, wash, change shape, consider them like buying property only a better investment.

Not worth getting up on the morning unless you have a beetle or two on your lapel

I will update my daily work wear style and try to keep it interesting, in particular if I decide to watch Breaking Bad and turn up to work in a wife beater and dad jeans.....

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