Do you want a piece of beauty pie?

I was late to the beauty pie party, I first heard about it from Ruth Crilly back in October at an event in Fenwick with Nicola Bonn. I didn’t know anything about it, I thought that the name was awful and when I read up on what it was I was highly sceptical, this sounded like a total con, what sort of vanity obsessed person would sign up for this and believe? I am that person, I was typing in my details faster than you are reading this.

So what is it? According to Beauty Pie it is ‘luxury makeup and skincare without the luxury prices’, I did some research, actually a lot of research as surely this was a scam but based on the endorsements from a variety of reputable sources such as Vogue, Elle, Grazia and beauty industry experts like Nicola and Ruth, it is 100% genuine. Like anything good, there is always a catch, albeit in this case a small one, you have to subscribe to be a member to access the member prices (cheap as chips). Subscription varies depending on how much you want to purchase, I started with the £4.99 a month membership, meaning I could buy £50 worth of goods, however, I didn’t realise that was the non-membership price so in honesty it is pretty pointless, I upgraded to the £9.99 a month which gets me £100 a month spending limit, bonus £100 on first order and access to ‘Pie Days’, I told you the name was awful. Pie Days mean that you can shop without any spending limit, they email you about them and you have to join a virtual queue, it really is that popular. Right, now all the faffing on was over, is the stuff any good?

For the purpose of ‘research’ a term that I use as an excuse to buy stuff for the blog I tried to get a bit of everything, I have been a member over three months now so can let you know what I would buy again and what wasn’t that much cop.

Our One-Powder Wonder™ is hands down the best translucent powder I have ever bought. Translucent powder has been a staple in my makeup bag, okay, suitcase, it takes a village, for over a decade. This isn’t a paid post or an ad it is genuinely so amazing, ultra-fine and even hides large pores. It’s way better than the Laura Mercier one or the Nars one. I get a lot of shine through the day and I top it up and I never look more powered or cakey, it is flawless, I love it. Member price is £5.47 which is

crackers, the non-member price is £26.

Next up was for my hair, I love Kerastase products but I wash my hair every day so it is really expensive to maintain keeping those products on my bathroom shelf so I alternate with Pantene or LOreal more often than not. I tried the Super-healthy hair moisturizing conditioner plus, non-member price £32 but members pay £4.94. The bottle is chunky with a nice pump dispenser for the shower and I love the packaging, which I know makes no difference to what's inside but I am a sucker for nice packaging. I inhaled it to death as I can smell Kerastase a mile off, it isn’t that, I can’t tell what it is but it is dreamy. It contains QUINOAPLUS proteins and LUXTREPLEX shine-enhancers, elasticity boosters, coconut oil and vitamin E. I have no idea what these are apart from the latter two but my hair was shiny and smells good so who cares if it has the tears of infants in it. Another good buy!

Next up was skincare, I am obsessed and in debt over skincare constantly. If you have read any post prior you will know that I am constantly seeking a more youthful appearance. I lie about my age all of the time, so much so that the nice man from the Barclaycard call centre in India this week asked me a security question ‘What age will you be on your next birthday?’ I had to check my driving license. After revealing this top-secret information I made him promise me that I had told him this in confidence and he needed to assure me it would go no further, I quote; ‘I promise Miss, your secret is safe, it dies with me’, bless him. Anyway, back onto beauty pie, I tried a few things from the skincare section and had mixed results.

The Japanfusion range is what all of the beauty pie kids are raving about so I tried the cleanser and the moisturiser hoping it would make me look the age I am in my head. Based on the principles and ingredients of Japanese beauty it has a cult following, now I always think that Japanese people have nice skin anyway, their diets are healthy and Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world so I feel that their starting point is more advantageous to mine, bitter? Moi? The cleanser is lovely, it feels really creamy and you can use it on your eyes too without drying, I rinse it off as not a mega-fan of the muslin cloths as feel it is a faff to wash them all the time. I always pre-cleanse with oil to get the majority of makeup off, I don’t think that as a stand-alone cleanser for the amount of slap I wear would be as effective. I tend to just use it in the morning, it is pleasant, I'm not wowed by it though. The moisturiser is however heavenly, beauty pie state ‘with a high-tech micro-molecular re-energizing Pombe Yeast extract, brightening Jabara extract and polyphenols & antioxidants from grape skin to protect’ I mean what's not to like? Basically, in a nutshell, it's good loads of magic ingredients and a little goes a long way, I use it in the morning and most nights, it absorbs well and does not impact how well my makeup goes on. I would buy this again, however, not for a while, I bought it in December and reckon that I am about two thirds through which considering it was £10.27 for members (non-members £70) I cannot complain, exceptional value and has a very distinctive smell of Shiseido….. But you never know!

With 400+ reviews average rating 4.6/5 I was desperate to try the Triple Hyaluronic acid and lipopeptide serum, any beauty worshipper worth their salt knows that you need to alternate using a retinol with a good hyaluronic acid, I know this sounds terrifying but it is not, it is just the scary names, I would put domestos on my face if it would take a couple of years off. In all honesty, I found this serum mediocre, a bit sticky and doesn’t feel as nice on the skin in terms of application and absorption compared to others. It might be good as a starting point or it might just be my skin type as over 400 people clearly think that it is stunning, and one of the reviews by Annabel on the site states it took “10 years off her face”, I think Annabel might be full of shit, just not for me. I had the same sort of feelings towards the Super-Retinol eye cream, a little stingy and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin and I woke up the next day with frog eyes, basically a bit puffy so I wouldn't go for that again either.

If you are wobbling on beauty pie then I would wobble towards yes, there is so much I still want to try. My only peeves are that you have to pay for delivery, but then again it is only £3.36 for standard or £6.29 for the next day, and it doesn’t matter how much is in your box it is a flat fee so can’t complain too much. Delivery is normally 2-3 days and the packaging is very cute which is a plus. Beauty Pie is like the Netflix of beauty, you think that you will never use it but get it anyway and then you wonder how you lived without it, it’s a yes from me, I welcome you to take a piece of the pie.

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