Do the January sales ever bring us true happiness?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

I think I look forward to the sales. Then I realise that I do not. The feeling of sale shopping is similar to how I feel about Christenings, I like the idea of them and then I get there I feel uncomfortable, chewed and in all honesty, mildly irritated (sorry baby friends – I assure you that I didn’t feel like this at the christening of your child).

I thought that this year I would try it a little differently, there were a selection of items that I had my eye on and I wrote a list and then on Boxing day with anticipation, that I can now only deem as naivety, I logged on and selected all items that were on the said list. Not a single sodding one of them was in the sale, some of these items were sequinned adorned which I assumed was a dead cert, absolutely not. The sale gods were not smiling on me. So off to the shops I went, game face on, elbows out and wearing flats, I was ready.


Buy a coffee and a snack, actually take a sleeping bag. You will need it in order to wait in line to pay. Zara needs a water and energy bar station at the halfway point similar to that of a marathon. If you think that Zara’s payment system is slow on a regular day, by god, be prepared to move at a glacial pace. Top pick items are as follows if you have the stamina of those daft arses that hang off rocks for an insta photo.

I bought this full price when it first came out and I have no regrets it is now in the sale. I didn’t see it as a ‘Christmas jumper’ as it is not, it is a jumper that has sequins on and sequins are not banished to a certain time of the year. Reduced to £29.99 from £69.99 and I have worn it with jeans, skirts and really flowing trousers, it just works. It is also knitted so it is warm too and not scratchy. Also, Alyssa Edwards has also worn it, enough said.

I really hope Vivienne Westwood doesn’t see this as she would be so sad that this skirt is something with a couple of safety pins would look very Westwood and is on sale at £29.99 (previously £49.99). It flows amazingly and is so versatile. Fitted white shirt for work? Yes. Cropped black knitted jumper for date night? Absolutely. Black vest and a denim jacket for a shopping trip? Perfect. Trainers, boots, heels? Yes, yes, yes! The skirt is everything you want it to be and a tiny bit more. Snap it up.


I have very mixed emotions about the Topshop sale. Largely as it looks like a jumble sale and I see a load of stuff that I have NEVER seen in Topshop before. Nothing ever seems to be in my size and then I find the item in my size, someone has tried it on with their face (so it is covered in makeup) or they have been wearing their underwear made of sodding razors as there is an inevitable click or hole in it. Online for Topshop I would say, is the right choice.

Sequin fringe shorts/sequin fringe jacket

With a heavy heart, I have to announce that my Christmas party outfit as featured on my previous blog post is in the sale. Shorts are down to £45 from £69 and the jacket (although you will have to be quick) is down to £79 from £145.

Although you may see this as a superfluous purchase after the party season, why waste a good outfit on a single occasion? This outfit remains in the top ten of all my favorites and you will feel amazing in it, especially at this price! Read the previous blog post about it if you haven't already and have any hesitation that you need this outfit in your life.

Clash check midi dress

Code:  26G25PBRG

I have worn this dress for shopping, drinks and even a really dull trip to the theatre. It is super flattering and really interesting with the asymmetric hem and shoulder. It works with heels, boots (tall and chunky) and in the summer I have already started to think of styling it with some converse.

The back has a necktie but you can still wear a bra without it being visible. It’s quite thin so bulletproof tights are a must with it at the moment with a glam fur. Brilliant sale reduction from £49 to 15.50, even if you only wear this a couple of times it works.


I love Reiss. In my twenties I would shop in Reiss without a care in the world, responsibilities and a mortgage up to my eyeballs I am more likely to shop in the Reiss sale now. The sale is what I would call a genuine one with lusted after items marked down and although not cheap, for classic essentials much more affordable.

Luna – Wool self-tie coat in Raspberry

If you are going to get anything in the Reiss sale it has to be a coat. The reductions are amazing and the coats are beautiful both in style and quality. I have my eye on one and then take the plunge every year.

This year it was the Luna. Reduced from £335 to £155. It also comes in taupe and black but I thought that the raspberry went with so many things. I love it with a knitted black dress, open, chunky biker boots (obvs) and some heavy rose gold accessories. There are still a fair few left online and in store in all colours. Treat yourself and cosy up, January is chilling and you may as well be warm in style.

& Other Stories

High waisted velvet trousers

Online exclusive

I work so hard with trying to eat right in order to wear skinny trousers, yet even if I had my jaw wired, skinny trousers just don’t do my body shape any justice.

Then I saw the light or more so the merits of high waisted trousers from my favourite and most genuine blogger @alexandrarosemc (follow her, you won’t regret it). This lady is super slim and super stylish and channels the wide legged, high waisted trouser as a signature style and she has converted me. I can’t quite carry it off as she does but, good god I am trying.

Follow her and you will see what I mean (yes, a bit of a fangirl moment here).

I bought these in the sale, I didn’t think that it was a great reduction until they arrived. They are heavy and swishy at the same time (yes that’s a phrase) they make your waist look teeny and they skim your butt so nicely I actually twirled. Was £79 now £60.

I could go on forever about the sales, but there is so much tat and items that we don’t really need. I, therefore, consider the following questions when purchasing in the sales;

1. Did I already want this and waited for it to go on sale? Yes? Buy it!

2. Do I love this or do I love the price? If the answer is the latter you are buying with your head and not your heart, step away and move on.

So do the sales every bring us true happiness? In my opinion, yes they can, but be careful with your picks you can't find happiness on every rack. Happy sale shopping fashionistas!

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