Did the Dyson Airwrap blow my mind?

The Dyson Airwrap. Where do I start? I have banged on about wanting one for a while but couldn't bring myself to part with the suitcase full of cash for a hair styling device. Clothes, bags, beauty, no bother, but my hair? Hmmm. I’ve never really been hugely into doing stuff with my hair unless it is sticking expletive hair slides on it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am pleased I have hair, there was a time in my twenties when I lost 60% of my hair and my friend Pete said ‘You see, you’re screwed, you don’t have a face like Natalie Portman to carry off the bald look’ and yes, he was right, I was never going to be like Demi Moore in G.I.Jane, more Kojak. I tried that classic blogger thing of ‘I would LOVE’ one of these (tagging Dyson) but it fell on deaf ears, first and last time I have done it, never works. I am also very skeptical of all those ‘giveaways’ that the blondes with boobs twenty-something vloggers do where they are giving them away like chlamydia on an 18-30 holiday. Don’t fall for the trap, these things are not free, cheap, or even when you decide to take the plunge, easy to come by.

So, I made that call, I decided it was time. Out of stock everywhere, there were some in stores but due to the lockdown the stock wasn’t accessible, so they were sitting there, alone in the dark with no one to love them. It felt like a shit romcom. Then after incessant checking, there was that one magical day when Dyson restocked the copper edition (I don’t care about the colour) and just like that, 24 hours later, she was waiting for me when I got home from work. I get all misty-eyed here, it had been a crap day and I just couldn’t open her, I didn’t want her tarnished by my foul mood. She didn’t deserve it, no one did. So the next morning, it was a Saturday and I opened it, and here is how it went.

What is the packaging like?

Let's be clear here, you could probably knock off about £100 for the packaging but then you would be sad as it is beautiful. The leather case is like a hand made leather suitcase and everything in it has its own place and purpose, there are individual holders or a non-slip mat to rest it on. The thought of dropping it onto the wooden floor in my dressing room actually makes me hot and nauseous just typing it. I would hold on to this baby tighter than a newborn.

Is it easy?

Lots of people said that it took them ages to get the hang of it, I’m no hairdresser but it was a doddle, you have to follow the instructions though, and not twist or wrap the hair around the barrel as it will not work. The ‘Coanda’ technology means that it sucks your hair with only warm air and no extreme heat so you are drying it into the style rather than drying and then overheating it, or in my case, burning it to a total crisp. There are a lot of tutorials online if you get stuck, I watched half of one and then was like, ahhhhhh I get it. I have long hair but it is pretty fine so I didn’t go for the Complete styler in the long version but if you have mermaid thick hair then you would probably need it, and you deserve to pay the extra for it just because you naturally have that thickness. I know, I am a bitter bitch.

Does your hair need to be dry?

This is the bit that I am struggling with, I have over-dried it and then not dried it enough. I am finding drying the roots only for a few minutes is enough for me and then by the time I have done that, the rest of my hair is semi-dry and that works perfectly. The hair-dryer attachment is great for me but you may want to invest in the full dryer if you have thicker hair, hate you.

What are all the bits for, do you need them?

I didn’t want to blog about it until I have tried everything that it has. There is one attachment that I don’t need and unless rapid hair (and boob) development on my part happens anytime soon, so my hair becomes thicker and I gain double-bobbler status (when you are one of those lucky sods that don’t have to put a bobble around your ponytail a million times) then that brush will stay in its magical case.

30mm barrels

These for me are the best. I look like a judge or a musketeer when I first use them but then they drop a little and I brush it out and I have full, bouncy, curly/wavy hair all day. It takes between 15-20 minutes if I do it well but if I rough dry a bit more then I can do a quick job in ten minutes. I know, skilful, no pun intended. You get two as there is one for each side of your head, I don’t understand that, but basically, the arrows should point down then you know you are using the right one on the right side.

40mm barrels

I find these better for a workday or just round the front. As my hair is super straight naturally (boring) then this gives me a bit of body and lift without it looking too done. You always need to brush the curls through to avoid looking like Aunt Sally so I recommend this one if you have more of a natural wave in your hair anyway, it will just refine it, or (like me) if you just want a bit of oomph. I know, the technical terms are mind-boggling aren’t they.

The pre-styling drier

It's a hairdryer, if you need me to wax lyrical about what it does then I am not the blogger for you. It dries your hair with hot air.

The volumising brush

This is the one with the bristles. I have a horror story of ‘playing hairdressers’ with a friend as a kid and she had to have one of these brushes cut out due to my excellent hairdressing skills. Carol was foaming but I have to say brilliant at saying ‘untangling’ a lot to the kid when in reality she pretty much had to hack-saw the bugger out. Therefore, due to PTSD, I have only used this at the roots to create volume, I will keep you posted. Looks like this is also great for fringes and bobs, I have neither.

The smooth and sleek brushes

There are two of these, one with little bits on the end and one without. The one with the little bits is for finer hair and it is way better than straighteners, I am just brushing my hair and drying it, and then ta-da it is smooth and sleek without too much heat. I haven’t used the other brush as that is for a thicker and textured hair type. The smooth and sleek brush is brilliant for work, it is like doing two jobs at once and you feel more ‘done’ but having to do a lot less.

What products am I using?

I have read a lot on this, people use a variety of different pre-setting sprays, oils, etc, I haven’t used anything when I am styling it, I only add at the end when I am done. This thing is a bloody fortune, I don’t want loads of sticky crap on it and so far haven’t felt the need.

Here are some shots below of when I have used the 30mm and 40mm barrels, I will attempt a tutorial soon on IGTV, keep your expectations low.

So, honestly, should you buy it?

Yes, this is a totally honest review, I wanted to hate it so much. I thought trying it would resolve the pain in my arse I had about wanting one and then return it and save myself a fortune. As a testament of faith, I have just listed my ghd soft curlers, wide and narrow plate straighteners on eBay. I won’t use that sort of heat on my hair again at home, my hair is a lot less crunchy at the ends and I am enjoying that bouncy walking around the building at work like a hair-flicker from a hair advert, pissing everyone off as I think that I am the bee's knees. And Sir James Dyson, should you be reading this, it is not too late to issue a refund or I am more than happy to try ANY other product, including a hoover, beggars can’t be choosers, hope you are well James, love to the family.

The Dyson Airwrap retails at £449, I bought mine from Dyson and it came tracked next day delivery, there is a two-year guarantee and a 35-day money-back return policy (which I can’t imagine anyone ever using, ever).

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