Did Fenwick make the new normal, normal?

My last blog post was all about shopping in a pandemic and the new normal, I am sure that you have all read it - I mean why wouldn’t you? (modest I know). I had mentioned feeling sad about the clothes, not being able to try them on and stock levels being lower it just all felt a bit disjointed, and then a miracle happened, Fenwick reached out, queue Disney style orchestra music and fireworks, this was going to be a game-changer. 

Now, I have been to Fenwick before to experience their personal styling but that was pre-pandemic when the retail world was a different place, so this was an invitation to see how things were going to be a little different, I, therefore, put myself forward to be the personal shopping guinea pig, I know, I know, I just am selfless like that, I am sure that my Pride of Britain is in the post. 

This was going to be styling with a difference, I didn’t know what to expect, despite being in my spiritual home I didn’t know if those little green Fenwick excitement butterflies in my tummy would be the same, fingers crossed. 

I met with Poppy in the personal shopping lounge on the second floor, tucked away behind, it is a secret little haven of the store that is only accessible by a super stylist with a key. Understandably all of the little trimmings are still on lockdown such as prosecco, big flower displays and little nibbles for obvious reasons but I was still feeling very excited, there were clothes (for me) on a rail and I could touch them and try them on until my heart was content. Obviously to Poppy I was maintaining a cool and breezy fashionable facade, inside I was screaming ‘get in’ very loudly. 

Now the similarities between Poppy and I are that we both are female and breathe, she is effortlessly beautiful, stylish without trying hard and looks like she has been carved from glass, I want to hate her but I can’t, she is a genuinely lovely girl and an epic stylist. And no, before you ask, she isn’t my friend. I only know her in the professional capacity, but I would be happy if she adopted me so I could inherit her style genes. Poppy had pulled some stock for me before I arrived, she has worked with me before and had a good look on my Instagram to get a feel for anything wardrobe wise that she needed to know about, she knows that linen trousers and a kitten heel are never going to be my thing, no offence. I looked at some of the items that Poppy had pulled and did have ‘what was she thinking flash’ however I dutifully tried on everything and damn her, I loved the lot, aside from one dress where I couldn’t lift my arm but that wasn’t her fault, I mean she didn’t make the dress (or eat the lockdown pies). 

This post isn’t to tell you about the clothes, it is to tell you about the experience and why the hell you would ever think of doing something like this, especially at the moment. Weddings are few and far between, no races, no big parties and no events, so why on earth would you go and see a personal stylist? Read on, in no particular order; 

  1. It is absolutely free, there is no obligation to buy whatsoever and I mean that I wouldn’t set you up for an almighty shock. 

  2. Pretty much the entire floor of ladies fashion is on sale, and not like a normal sale, like a sale of gargantuan proportions. Dresses that were over £400 down to £100. Genuine reductions, a rarity in these turbulent times. 

  3. You can try on the f**cking clothes, like on your body, you can sashay in front of the best lighting and biggest most flattering mirror (I almost wept)

  4. You don’t have to be trying for an event, you can just be needing some style inspiration, a change of look, needing the perfect pair of jeans or a classic white shirt and don’t know where to start

  5. It makes you feel good, Poppy is so complimentary and professional she makes you feel like a million dollars, I would go just for that on a bad hair day

With lots of new concessions and exciting arrivals in store (rumour has it from a VERY reliable source that the Kooples will be arriving in store soon) and the renovations over lockdown have brought in this fantastic light to the fashion floor, some people on my Instagram post didn’t even realise I was in Fenwick, the new aesthetic is stunning. 

If you think that it will be an intimidating experience then all I can do is assure you or I will come with you if you want, can’t say fairer than that can I? To book please call: 01912325100 and ask for personal styling, you won’t regret it, however, I will not be held responsible for any purchases made, I had to show some self-restraint, for once, if you believe that you’ll believe anything. 

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