Did 2020 teach us anything?

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Last year in my pre-pandemic naivety I wrote a canny little blog about whether there is a need for resolutions, I have just read it back. Clearly a crystal ball would have been useful at the time of writing. Imagine knowing what would lie ahead for us in 2020, but then I guess we are all geniuses’ in hindsight.

Turns out that no matter what resolutions you made in 2020 the chances of keeping them were slim to none, especially ones that involved travel, unless you were one of those lucky enough to time it well, I was not. If you did squeeze in a few days out of the country, I hope that you had a nice time sunning yourself and that you burn in hell.

What I do still stand by is what I said about actual resolutions, there is no point in making them, if 2020 has taught us anything it is to live in the moment as you never know what is around the corner.

So, whilst everyone is exclaiming about ‘leaving 2020 behind us’ and ‘forgetting about the worst year ever’ to which I agree with to an extent, however, there were some absolute gems that I think we will take with us into 2021 and hopefully the rest of our lives. Remember as well that this is a lifestyle and fashion blog, it is not a piece for the BBC whereby I am dismissing the awful losses that have occurred, I just think that we get enough of that in real life, before anyone starts, which they inevitably will. I want my first blog post of 2021 to reflect on the oddest year I have experienced in life and fashion; what was a sack of shit, and what we may forever appreciate.

What I am taking into 2021…..


Who would have ever thought that I would start having friend dates outdoors for walks, no one, is the answer. I have a newfound appreciation for the British countryside, I’ve had wet feet and have fallen over a lot. I have put the world to rights traipsing up massive hills with a pocketful of dog biscuits and a backpack of snacks with my friends. I have seen more of my local area and the North East than I have in my entire life of living here. Don’t get me wrong, I am not converted, I’m still me, I cannot wait to be landing in Los Angeles and breathing in that lovely smog, being sworn at in traffic, and running the risk of being shot looking for a vintage store in downtown LA, but I’ll 100% still want to get out locally.

Lots of nice outdoor activities in the UK.

Nice people

This has been a time to decipher those that you like, as it is so easy not to bother your arse with those that you don’t. Anyone that says that they haven’t had really down days is full of shit. Whether you have worked throughout, worked from home, been furloughed, or devastatingly lost your job, it's the people that are important to us that we have needed the most. Not seeing my Mum more than a handful of times has been one of the toughest parts, and although we aren’t big huggers, not having a hug since February has been crap but then not killing her has been more important. I’ve had conversations with my Mam that I wouldn’t have had in a normal year. The practical Polish side of her has ensured that she has a will (I am an only one) and every time I speak to her I always ask how she is feeling, she has a beautiful vintage fob necklace that she is adamant that she won’t get any joy out of seeing me wearing it whilst she lives and breathes, however persistent I am. Mam, I know you read the blog, so publicly, can I just wear it to show people on one post? I have just done the adult equivalent of asking if your friend can stay for tea when your friend is standing next to you, sorry Mam (not deleting it). I am leaving 2020 with the same friends but think that the bonds have strengthened, you know it's a good friendship when you can spend over half an hour on the phone exchanging stories of doing nothing. You know how the conversation goes ‘what you been doing?’, ‘nothing, there’s nothing to do, you?’, ‘same, nothing, shall we go for a walk?’. With one friend we texted each other about pretending to organise our Christmas night out, but it became too much, I had to wear black for 24 hours after that conversation.


I don’t think that I will appreciate how important it has been to be connected. I only wish I had bought stocks in Zoom in January, I would have been like that smug duck off ducktails swimming in my money pit. I know there is so much talk about how ‘everything will change as we are so used to virtual meetings’ but sod that. I can’t gauge people’s real reactions, I might be talking to one person in a meeting but I can’t see if Paula from admin is rolling her eyes at me (equally like she can’t see I am sticking my fingers up off-camera). I don’t want to conduct stuff virtually forever even when things get better, I like to see people so that should I need to I can look them dead in the eyes without blinking. My Instagram game has at times given me a purpose on the nothing days, I’ve stood on more buildings than I care to think of because there was no one around, I have made more fashion pals which is nice and I have kept it going even without all of the fancy events and free shit. I do just genuinely like clothes and standing on discarded tat, some days it's all I have done when I haven’t been at work, someone people would see that as quite sad. But let's see who is sad when you haven’t been practicing putting your make-up on properly for the last year, clown face. 2020 was definitely the year of standing on things, not like there was anything else going on.

What I want (and eventually will) leave behind....

Keyboard warriors

This has been a top year for these people, I have to say that it has been 100% women in my case and you wouldn’t believe the shite that people send me. When I was sad about the next lockdown I had an excellent point from a local Mum who I wouldn’t name as it’s not fair, but let's just say her name started with G and her name sounded like Emma. Telling me that Boris was only trying to save the NHS, I found this helpful as I hadn’t even realised the NHS were involved in the pandemic, did you?

The other one was in March when a group of girls from a local well known high street pharmacy that rhymes with ‘hoots’ wanted to set fire to me as I questioned why I couldn’t buy mascara but could buy a photo album. They worked as a pack of mean girls, just for the record Boots reopened all sections of the store on April 1st, who’s the fool now queen bees.

I don’t know if it is because everyone has an opinion and has more time on their hands but I am never going to be that blogger that writes 2000 words about how much a belt has changed her life and when she wears it she can conquer the world, save sick kittens and be a female boss…. OK, hun, you do you, your belt is shite anyway, and it was free.

Face masks and hand sanitising

I can't wait to leave these behind. I now have hands like Madonna and arms that are my actual age. It is like the skin on my arms has been in Cocoon (a classic 80’s movie) and I left my hands out the massive egg in the swimming pool. I have gotten better with the masks as now only wear satin ones (see below from Etsy) and this stopped all my bad skin due to a mask and doesn’t rub my makeup off as much. Although this was the year that lipstick went into hibernation, I can still wear a nice balm under here and it doesn’t stick to the mask. Also wearing a mask means all the focus is on my eyes, they are very crepey and ageing and it is hard to detract with my best feature, my ears.

Not traveling

I am not going to patronise you and explain why I have missed this. I am so close to saying that I almost miss flying but then if you have ever read this post (click here) you will know that’s taken a lot for me to get to this point. As a side note, I got a lot of keyboard warriors off that blog post. Turns out people like traveling 11 hours with their children, who would have thought?

So, onwards and upwards. I love to hear your feedback, even if it is from the dickheads, it gives me something to laugh about. I don’t think that this is going to be all of a sudden a brilliant year, I would like to think by the summer things will be infinitely better. I would perform sexual favours to anyone that can get me the vaccine but imagine in my case that would put me further back in the queue. And yes, I will be getting the vaccine, I couldn’t tell you all the chemicals that I inject into my forehead or what type of life the chicken led before I ate my sandwich so now isn’t the time for me to start questioning what I am putting into my body, that ship sailed a long time ago.

Happy new year, wash your hands.

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