Is it ever a good idea to scalpel your face?

There are so many new fads that come up in the beauty world and I fall for each and every one. I basically will read about something new and think that it will change my life so off I trot to try it out. I can dress this up as saying its a public service for my nice blog readers so that I can be the guinea pig, however, in reality, I am on a one-woman mission for the quest for better skin and the appearance of eternal youth.

I had read a lot about dermaplaning and although having someone take a scalpel to your face sounds dramatic the appeal of removing all peach fuzz and dead skin on your face was just too good of an opportunity to miss. As you will know from previous posts for any aesthetic procedure I only go to Jill at Aesthetic Expert. Just a reminder, this is not an ad, any treatments I have had with Jill I have always paid for first. This way if I don’t like the treatment or if there is an issue, I can be honest and open when I write it up. Jill welcomes this approach, she has nothing to hide, she is also accredited by ‘Save Face’ an organisation that means she is certified to offer and train for the procedures that she performs, something that Jill is a huge advocate for. Sadly, as the cosmetic industry is not as regulated as it should be, Jill spends a lot of her time dealing with the horror stories of botched work, as a qualified nurse, aesthetic trainer, fully certified and a reputation that precedes her, its an obvious choice.

Anyway back to the dermaplaning, I arrived for my appointment and was introduced to Lee who would be doing the treatment. Lee and Jill work closely together, Jill performs all injectables and Lee’s focus is on the less invasive skincare treatments. I had no hesitation on Lee performing my treatment, largely as Lee and Jill have a fantastic connection as a team and Lee has fabulous skin, this guy clearly practices what he preaches.

The procedure

Make-up free I lay down and Lee explained that he would be working in sections of the face, it would not hurt and if I could remain still when he asked me too, he also said that he would use my upper chest as a place to put the implements that he was working with. This was probably the greatest concern, not for me but for Lee, anything that was remotely curved would be rolling right off that flat surface onto the floor. Anyway, off he went. Smearing Aloe Vera all over my face felt divine and then the dermaplaning ‘scraping’ commenced. Basically, in small sections, you could hear the gentle sound of scratching and the friction of the blade, but it just felt like a debit card being used on your face in one direction. I was biting at the bit to have a look at what was coming off but as you can imagine you have to stay still, once my face was done in full he did a second sweep. I didn’t like my top lip being done, that felt a little odd, just as it is a small area it felt a bit strange. Other than that though, scrape away.

After the treatment, I felt very clean, shiny and pink and so smooth. Love it, I am also a bit weird that I also loved having a look at everything that came off too, fascinating. I was hoping that it would be enough skin to weigh a little less but sadly not. Lee was clear about aftercare, SPF was essential in the next few days, try to leave my skin makeup-free for the rest of the day and of course, give him a call should there be anything else that crops up.

The next day

No filter - makeup went on like a dream the next day.

Oh my god, this was where the magic happens. I woke up after cleansing my face as normal the night before and applying my serum and night cream and my skin felt so much smoother, even and calmer. It is true what I had read that the products go significantly deeper in the skin and therefore much more effective. Also, putting my makeup on to go out that evening was a dream. My face was so much smoother the application was easier and like my skincare things like my foundation, concealer and primer all set a lot better than usual. I am sold. I feel a lot more like a shiny smooth apple than a fuzzy peach, who doesn’t want that? No one I hear you cry, just super furry idiots.

I had my dermaplaning done at Aesthetic Beauty by Lee, the website and full price list can be found here:

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