Should you still buy the party frock?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

When people have those shite signs in their kitchen saying ‘live life with no regrets’ or something as horrific as ‘dance in the rain’ I don’t think that anyone truly believes them. Those signs equate in human form to that patronising acquaintance (self-righteous prick) who passes a comment like ‘you regret the things you don't do more than the things that you do’ or better yet ‘I have no regrets’, this is such a bunch of bullshit. I have more regrets than hairs on my head, to name a few; the vintage dress I missed out on in LA 5 years ago, Heather Shimmer lipstick, and thinking that I had the chest for V neck anything, ever. So this year, along with other tough choices that we have all had to make, is perhaps one of the toughest, should you still buy a Christmas party outfit? And if you don’t, will it leave a bitter taste of regret come the party season?

Before anyone starts (and someone will), I am well aware that there won’t be a party season as we know it, but that doesn’t mean that the ultimate sacrifice of 2020 should be a sparkly outfit, lord knows we have sacrificed enough. Granted, I’m probably not the best person to ask considering that one of my fashion rules is ‘don’t save anything for best’. Last week I stood on a discarded freezer in full sequin mini dress in October, so before you read, on I am sure I have already given the game away to what my answer is going to be.

The fashion industry starts planning for Christmas at the end of January, therefore don’t think that the stores will be sensitive that Christmas is shot to shit, they won’t be. We are all well aware that the chance of going on your annual Christmas do is as likely as me becoming a militant vegan and donating all my bags and shoes to Oxfam, therefore, should you buy the sequins?

See, sequins anytime for just hanging about on white goods. Dress Balmain for HM

Sparkle annually

For those of you that only save sequins for the festive season then is this something that you want to forgo for what will effectively be two full years? No, you don’t, why would you do that to yourself? There is something special about wearing something that sparkles, you do feel different and why not? Because Ann from accounts will think that you are extra? Ann will just have to cope. You can still wear the special outfit for your bubble (how depressing to be even thinking that) and of course if you’re one of those odd people that like Christmas then you might as well piss off your most disliked family member that you will be forced to see with a killer outfit, for entertainment if nothing else.

See sparkle as an investment

If you think that you don’t want to shell out on the outfit as you won’t get your wear out of it, then you are thinking about it all wrong. You don’t have to wear the dress or the skirt/top in its entirety all the time, black tights, chunky boots and a leather jacket immediately makes the most sparkly dress wearable. Sparkle all year round with a sequin skirt in July in sandals and a plain white tee.

Best of the sparkle this year

These are my top picks of what is in stores at the moment, I have made some styling suggestions too. Please note that as I am such a do-gooder (couldn’t be arsed with the shit from the keyboard warriors), I didn’t go and try these or buy them and return so I could show you the styling, ALOT of bloggers are still doing this, they call them ‘hauls’ or ‘Zara/HM/ASOS try on’, it is not big and it is not clever, but that is a story for another day. I feel that I also need to point out that in doing 'research' for this post I really had to engage with my self restraint not to buy everything. The pink Whistles dress and the Zara trousers are just an absolute dream, click on the image to take you to the item, none of these are promoted posts or ads, but if Whistles or Zara want to work with me, my diary is open.

Whistles - Arabelle tiered sequinned midi dress - £159

I am wobbling on this, I love it. Like really love it and for Whistles and the detail it is a decent price. It's also really flattering in terms of covering the tops of the arms and they haven't dropped the waist, so if you are tummy conscious a slim belt will break it up. To dress this beauty down, a biker jacket and chunky boots would be so cool, and in the summer flat sandals and a cropped denim jacket would be lovely for a BBQ (if you're fancy), the races or an evening wedding do. I cannot promise that you won't see me in this soon, I love her.

ZARA - Sequinned trousers - £49.99

This lass is well ahead of the dress down styling, so for a more dressed look a simple white silky shirt and as high as you can handle strappy heels with a really fine heel. If you are going all out and are not brave enough to just wear a shirt a really tailored velvet blazer (Marks and Spencer have some nice ones in) this would be so chic with a burgundy lip and Hollywood style waves if your hair is past shoulder length and you know how to do it, I do not.

ASOS EDITION split back top in abstract sequin co-ord - £85

I like this as a co-ord and as separates, if we are ever able to go to weddings again it would be lovely in the summer with a gold headband. At Christmas it would be a change too from the normal sequin colours. It has a bit of a vintage feel to it with the geometric pattern too, with a statement earring or fine large gold hoops, absolutely gorgeous.

Equally dress the skirt down with a white vest bodysuit, denim jacket and converse in the summer.

Silk Fred - Fifi Sequin Dress - £78

This dress comes in white, pink and black and even better it comes with a belt if you want to cinch it in and make it shorter too. I love how it is on this shot too. However, she doesn't look like she is traipsing for her Uber in North East England with the rain lashing off her so you might want to wear a patterned tight or an over the knee boot instead. Dressing down, I would wear a cream over sized blazer slightly shorter in length than the dress and more than likely biker boots in the winter or a flat mule flip flop with some jewel detail.

HM - Sequinned sleeveless top - £12.99

How many times have you heard this conversation; 'what you wearing tomorrow night?', 'jeans and sparkly top I think, you?', 'same'. This is the perfect top for that entire conversation, it comes in black and silver too but I liked the blush for a more muted look and rose gold accessories. It would look so nice with a cream blazer and fitted jeans or just with some wide legged trousers too. I don't even need to suggest what it would work with at any time of year, a super reasonable sparkly staple.

GIVENCHY - Metallic pleated silk-blend gown - £7635

If sequins are really not your thing and you want a little bit of a glimmer then this is the dress for you. Be quick though, they only have 2 left in stock. I don't have any suggestions to dress this down, if you want to dress a Givenchy gown down then there is something wrong with you, something that I, nor anyone else can rectify. Happy twinkling fashionistas.

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