Bobbi made me kissable....

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

It's that time of year if you live in the UK and are making small talk with anyone under 40 we will be chatting about the ‘unseasonably mild winter’ and shamelessly bragging about ‘not having to wear gloves’. Talk to anyone over 40 and they will be warning us ‘not to count our chickens, the cold is to come’ and laughing at our naivety about forgetting the ‘beast from the East’. This was basically when last year it snowed a lot and people were having tearful breakdowns about running out of bread on daytime TV. Therefore, it is time to prep our routines, the cold snap is coming and amongst many beauty casualties the top one will be having dry, cracked lips. In a world where a bold matte lip is a top trend we need to have lips that are in epic condition all year round, being over the age of 12 a mini pot of Vaseline is not going to cut it. Let me introduce the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint.

Reading about the release of the Lip Tint Extra is not something that I would normally get excited about. Put it this way, if I was born a man I would be a drag act by now, I love make up and I like to look like I am wearing it. I have never been what you would describe as ‘fresh faced and dewy’ even when I was 7. However, I have an open mind and love Bobbi Brown as a brand so off to my favorite BB counter in John Lewis Newcastle I go. The reason I am loyal to this counter in this store is not just the size of the counter but the artists. They are not only talented but they really know the brand. Their attitude to the client is super personalised, you visit a lot of make up brands and it is a ‘one size fits all’ look no matter your age or colouring and then you feel pressured to buy whatever you have tried, none of this at this counter, not intimidating and pressure free.

The Lip Tint Extra comes in 6 shades, all subtle, but some a little stronger in colour than others, my favourite picks are Bare Nude and Bare Raspberry. They all compliment your skin and natural lip tone slightly differently and are now my daytime go-to for work rather than a lipstick. The main reason is that they are super moisturising and the colour is sheer enough that you don’t have to worry about making sure that your application is perfect like when wearing lipstick (particularly red). I can do my eyes a little more dramatic (which I love) and then the lip tint makes me look balanced and a nice clean professional look for work.

To be honest it is not the colour that I am obsessed with, it is the balm aspect. My lips after wearing a matte lip can become incredibly dry and for want of a better word flakey (yak). After wearing this for around 3 days my lips felt amazing, super soft and almost like a treatment so that when I put on my other lipsticks the application was so much better as a result. The balms are infused with Olive Oil Complex, Vitamin E and C so they would be perfect for even super dry lips when the cold snap hits.

Therefore, these little lip tint extra pieces of heaven not only give you a super chic look but also are multi-functional and moisturising. At a price point of £25.50 it is well worth it as you are getting two products for one and a week in, my lip tint looks barely used, I am only reapplying twice a day (which I recommend for the conditioning).

If you are not fortunate enough to live local to the John Lewis Newcastle store (ask for Chloe or Angela - even if it is just to have skin envy, Angela's skin makes me want to purchase every skincare product in the Bobbi Brown range) then pop into any Bobbi Brown counter and I am sure that you can find your exact shade to compliment your skin tone and natural lip colour. You will have gorgeous kissable lips within the week, I will not be held responsible for the lucky people you want to kiss….. but should anyone know Sting or Idris tell him I am ready and pouting and my number is 0781…...

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