Beauty blog: Face waxing, read before you judge!

When I was in LA in the Summer I was chatting to one of the many nice Sephora ladies that are in the know with all things makeup and beauty.

It’s always a huge confidence boost sitting down to have a colour match and the Artist asks ‘have you ever considered getting your face waxed?’. Right, OK, thanks I said (as the now bearded f**king lady). She then went on to explain that I wasn’t about to be stopped in the street with people thinking that I was the next Conchita poised for Eurovision success but it was essential for the most perfect finish for any base. A little dubious I spoke to my friend about it who has skin like Snow White so already has a head start and she has been doing this for years….. and just failed to mention it, I mean our peach fuzz faces are really the topic of conversation.

So, off to the beauty salon I go. Just to warn you, I love the effect of waxing but my god I hate it. The face waxing was a little (quite a lot) painful, so much so I text my pregnant friend afterward telling her that childbirth would be nothing as I had just felt like I had given birth through my face. However, after the initial redness dies down in the first couple of hours it does look amazing. Warning though, you CANNOT touch your face, all of your pores are wide open and leave them a few hours to close up otherwise you will get breakouts.

The next month of makeup application (especially with finishing powder) is unreal. It gives you a totally different finish and I am now a convert. The expense was a little bit of an issue as it is another thing to add to the ever long routine so I have invested in doing it myself, you will need your own wax kit, the best two that I have used are Parissa ( You can buy this from Boots for £9.79. Just don’t overheat the wax and peel it off fast, I find using a cold compress is good to get it all ready to pull. In addition, another tip is to have a sip of Prosecco between each section, phenomenal for pain control. The other one that I have tried which was good but not as good was Nair Cire Divine, the tub is much bigger but I don’t think that the wax is fine enough (that is not a technical term) to get all of the fuzz and fluff.

Have a go, it is an old wives tale that it grows back darker and thicker, it was exactly the same but then you just want rid. I am on my fifth round of it and I am obsessed and it gets less painful like all waxing if you keep it up! Those photographs are unfiltered (with my makeup on - I am not crazy!) Good luck and be prepared to swear…. A LOT.

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