Are Charlotte and Fenwick the hottest new couple in town?

Amongst the mask-wearing, trying not to kill elderly relatives and a lockdown, the challenges of 2020 just keep on coming. Just to give you another kick in the proverbial, November is a beauty lovers dream when cosmetic companies launch their Christmas collections, but that’s now shot to shit as well. Even when stores reopen, there’s not going to be a cat in hell's chance we can touch the makeup no matter what tier you are in, believe me, there will be tears. I suppose if we are lucky we may be able to view it through bulletproof glass but that’s your whack, talk about the epitome of a first-world problem.

Imagine the palpable relief when one of Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘dahrlings’ Victoria got in touch from Fenwick with a solution that almost made me weep, no actual tears, not when my mascara costs £20 plus. I can’t go on again about my love for Fenwick, it will start to become less romantic and veer towards creepy, but needless to say, I love that store beyond compare, my Mam and Selfridges are close seconds.

You might not think it but Fenwick isn’t a huge chain department store, it’s Newcastle based and still locally owned by the Fenwick family. Before you ask it's not for the want of trying that I haven’t managed to get married into that family. It is a tight-knit group, a lot of them are no longer with us and apparently, it is illegal to marry posthumously, told you, I’ve tried.

Charlotte Tilbury, Fenwick Newcastle

Charlotte Tilbury and Fenwick are working as a beautiful couple, think Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, don’t google these two on a fat or bad hair day, it’ll tip you right over the edge. Together they have created a bespoke beauty concierge service and invited yours truly to try it out, this isn’t a paid post so all opinions are my own, I did get some stunning gifts however which I am very grateful for. However, you only have to read ‘Does your style impact your shopping experience?’ to know that I don’t sugarcoat anything, even my favourites, at the end of the day no one is perfect, aside from me, obvs.

I emailed Fenwick concierge last week to enquire about the new Charlotte Tilbury products and then before you know it I had a lovely response from Lauren at the Newcastle store and an appointment made online with Victoria, the resident Charlotte counter queen. Victoria explained right from the offset that the purpose of the appointments are led by you, so whether that be a skincare consultation, discovering the perfect red lip or god forbid, you use the time to buy gifts for someone else, (as in not buy stuff for yourself, wtf) you can, this would be an awful choice but I suppose some people like that, odd. I obviously used my appointment to be self-absorbed, which I am sure will come as a great shock.

Ms Tilbury always smashes it at this time of year, the products are not just the mainline collection with a bit of glitter to festive it up, it's always new packaging and product, not even a global pandemic was going to stop me getting my paws on it. I explained to Vic I wanted a wearable look that I could amp up on a night but still wear through the day and spending so much time in a mask, the eyes are everything. Also, I’m struggling with my skin, mask-wearing is playing havoc with my complexion so I needed a lighter moisturiser that would work well under my foundation as well as making me look 22, not a huge ask really to reduce my age by a couple of years……..

We went through all of the above, no rush, no need for a clammy credit card in hand, no pressure sale, totally relaxed, it was an absolute indulgence to talk and see all things beauty once more. Victoria is such a doll, it’s like talking to a friend, my appointment after a 10 hour day at work, I wasn’t glammed up and unbeknownst to her, (poor soul) I had a really smart black top on but waist down I was in comfy big knickers and bed socks, like a beauty based newsreader, sorry to shatter the illusion that I do everything in tulle.

After the appointment, I got to go and pick up my purchases from Fenwick as well as some lovely gifted items. As you know, the dream is to be locked in Fenwick forever, like a green gilded cage, although there was the odd person, the store was empty, it felt for a moment like dreams were coming true. I picked up my delightful package, beautifully wrapped by Charlotte Tilbury and then put in a dreamy Fenwick box, I sashayed out of the store (trying not to shed a tear at her emptiness) then swiftly headed home to tell you all about it.

Ooooo fancy boxes, see how to contact the concierge at Fenwick later on in the post.

Here is my guide to the beauty you still need even in a bubble, what will make you favourite offspring and how to look fabulous for all zoom occasions, including what will probably be an online Christmas party, (at least we have mute though, I’m thinking of you arsehole Steve from finance)…..

The ‘look at my eyes as this is the only bit you get to see’ jewel eye

This absolute dreamboat comes from the bestselling Pillow Talk range, a pink cream eyeshadow with a diamond-like sparkle and my good god does it shimmer. Best applied with your ring finger to warm up the emollient in the product. It’s just beautiful and buildable and I am praying to the shimmer gods it gets added to the main collection otherwise I need to stock up. See me demonstrating this gorgeous colour below.

Here I am, modelling the amazing pillow talk jewel pot.

The ‘resting bitch face no more’ magic cream

I have been a long time fan of the original magic cream, largely as I found out Charlotte uses this to prime models before makeup, therefore, the rationale was if I use it then I will wake up looking like Cindy or Helena circa ‘1995. Just to be clear, it's not quite at face transplant level yet, otherwise, that woman that had her face eaten off by Travis the monkey would be using it, but I’ll tell you what, it’s near enough. I love the magic cream but wanted a lighter alternative for daytime if I am going full coverage on my foundation. I tried it today, stunning.

The ‘I am the kindest and most thoughtful person ever’ gift

This Hollywood brush set in this emerald green mini clutch is just to die for. It’s making me wonder why Charlotte isn’t bringing out a handbag range. The difference with this brush set compared to normal gift set brushes, is that these are the normal brushes, just with the end chopped off, so you are getting the same Tilbury artistry brushes in the kit. It is a beautiful gift, in my opinion too nice to gift, but there is a special someone that will be receiving it this year, I’ve not decided who yet, it’s up for competition, whoever is the nicest to me (I accept bribes) between now and the 25th, good luck nearest and dearest.

The ‘look no mask let's celebrate you can see my mouth’ lip

The collagen lip bath. There are no words or explanation needed, I have wanted to try this forever but was worried it would be like when people say you should never meet your heroes and be a disappointment. How wrong I was, turns out it's just like when I met (stalked) Sting, there was nothing to worry about, this baby is an absolute dream. A little goes a long way and you feel like a million bucks as the sheen on your lips is perfect but not claggy (actual beauty word) or sticky. For ANY non-mask wearing occasion it is just the essential thing, imagine when you start wearing a lip again, you need to treat them, this has to be your go-to item, they sell out pretty fast though.

Those were my top picks, however, these were close runners up; the Wonderglow foundation, the subtlety of the shades means that the Tilbury artists can colour match you without touch or from a photograph! Eeeeeeeee. The Pillow Talk lipstick, it matches everyone and is a perfect price point for a little bit of Charlotte for any skin tone or age. Last but not least it has to be the cult classic Full fat lash mascara which was the first product to launch in 2012, I have never been without it for the last 8 years.

If you think there is nothing else I can tell you then listen to this; Fenwick reopens on the 2nd December with extended hours of 8 am-9 pm. Charlotte Tilbury, Fenwick is honouring the Black Friday deal (because they are babes) so if you spend;

£80 receive Charlotte Darling Eye Pallet (RRP £45)

£110 receive Charlotte Darling Eye Pallet and Peachy Plump Collagen Lip Bath (RRP £70)

£150 receive Charlotte Darling Eye Pallet and Peachy Plump Collagen Lip Bath and Brightening Youth Glow Primer (RRP £109)

And you might be thinking why bother purchasing from Fenwick and arranging an online appointment? Because, it is just lovely, special and a little bit of normality from a local team beamed right into your home until our beauty counters return to normal, plus the big white Fenwick box makes you feel fancy and who doesn’t want that?

Contact Victoria directly in-store at to arrange your Charlotte Tilbury one to one or even better a girls night in. Alternatively, you can contact Newcastle Fenwick concierge on: or find further information about your local Fenwick concierge service click here. The service will continue to run and you don't even have to pick up in store, it can be delivered to your home in a fancy box, all the mod cons eh!

All above products are linked just click on the photograph or have a browse at all of the products available at Fenwick by clicking here.

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