A life in lashes

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Cows to me are beautiful, it’s their lashes, they have the most beautiful eyes up close. So this is my answer to ‘what happened in your childhood to make you be obsessed with lashes so much?’. I have probably been called a cow many times, I mean, I say ‘probably’ but, change that to absolutely. However, I am one of the few that would take this as a massive compliment, sorry, nasty name calling people, that one won’t wash with me, up your name calling game.

My journey with lashes has changed significantly over the years, I have tried them all, high end expensive, couture, high street and semi-permanent (disaster). It has taken a lot of glue and a lot of trial and error to get to the top of my lash game with an unexpected winner.

The experimental stage

In the early 2000’s I watched the Balmain show at New York fashion week and the models wore these amazing lashes that were theatrical, I thought I would emulate this on a Saturday night out in Newcastle. At the time I thought that I look ‘edgy’ I now realise I looked, well, let's just say it was a look. The Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura were the leaders in terms of couture lashes and they still do some amazing lashes that are a lot more wearable and last a lot longer than a normal pair from the high street, call them an investment. These lashes became hard to get a hold of in the UK and then I decided that I had outgrown the wild spotted feather look and I started to look for an alternative.

Strip vs Individuals

I went through a phase of individual application lashes, I love the look but it is a total faff on and then you always get one eye looking better than the other depending on if you are right or left handed. I am a lash application master, the trick is to look straight ahead and use a proper applicator not tweezers however it was still a time-consuming task. The Shu Uemura eyelash applicator is still by far the best, I have had mine for over ten years now and I can put lashes on faster than my bra (not that I time myself). Also with individual lashes, you often get a ‘drooper’ one that does not stay up with the others and on some occasions has made me look like I have had a lazy eye and needed a giant plaster over it.

Strips are by far the easiest, in the past, I have always gone for Mac (#36 for wispy romantic and #48 for going out out drama RRP £11.50). They are reusable and can be trimmed to meet your eye width. I haven’t used the service but I know if you buy a pair, the nice Mac artists will apply them for you for free if you aren’t super confident in the application process. I stuck with Mac for about 5 years, they are durable and you can get at least four to five wears, unless you get home, forget you are wearing them and wash your face with them on and ruin them. Or if you notice your dog eating a spider on a Sunday morning which is actually your left eye number #36 then you need to be careful where you leave them.

Near death experience (read this bit with dramatic music on in the background)

Five years ago I decided to try semi-permanent lashes, I went to a wedding and one girl had them and swore by them and recommended a local salon (that shall remain nameless), they looked fab and the thought of having long thick lashes every day was too much of a temptation to a lash addict like myself. So two days before I was due to go on holiday to LA I turned up for my appointment. An hour later in a room with my eyes shut and costing £45, I was done. I looked in the mirror and thought that they looked good, not great, but good. I was told not to wash my eyes and I didn’t need mascara and that they would just flutter out naturally as they grew out with my own lashes, and I believed this utter bullshit. Off home I went, blinking was a little scratchy but I was reassured that this was totally normal. I went to bed and woke up the next day with a few droopy individual lashes, I called the salon and they said that this was just them ‘settling in’..... I looked ridiculous like a spider was breakdancing on my eyelids so I trimmed the droopers (and possibly pulled one out - ouch). The next day, 16 hours of traveling I was on the other side of the world and I was chewed with them. They were still a little scratchy, I couldn’t wash my face properly and washing my hair was a pain in the backside as I couldn’t get my face wet. I popped to Sephora and got some eyelash remover and some baby oil to dissolve the glue and popped back to the hotel and applied it. Holy shit, this was an error of epic proportions. The glue dissolved (yay) and then instantly congealed and hardened into one massive ball of eyelashes (not yay - disaster had struck). I could barely open my eyes and had to find a beauty salon that would help. Running around LA in dark shades may be a normal look for many but for me, it was hiding the glueball horror that were now my lashes, I was hysterical. I found a lovely lady called Rosetta at a salon on West 3rd that spent 2 hours painstakingly trying to separate the mess and save what she could, my lashes were on life support, I left the salon with little of my own lashes, very red eyes and spent the day looking for a black veil as a sign of mourning (and to cover up my eyes which looked similar to that of ET). I then spent the next two weeks googling how long does it take for eyelashes grow back’ and I spent over $200 on different sets of lashes to wear daily to hide the baldy eyes. Never, ever again.

The perfect lashes

I had read about these amazing lashes online a few times and thought that I would give them a try. The price point is really good and they had the Invisiband® technology which avoided that horrible heavy strip eyeliner look. At £4.49 a pair, what did I have to lose? I bought the ‘demi-wispies’ to start and they promised me ‘full and fluttery lashes’. And they kept their promise. I have never worn lashes and felt that I was not wearing anything, they are undetectable and the demi-wispies are natural enough that you could wear them to work, every day and no one would guess. They don’t take anything away from your eyeshadow game as they are so fine where they are glued, I love them and after a lot of years and expense I wouldn’t go for anything else. I have converted all of my lash wearing friends and feel like I should be an Ardell spokesperson (if you are reading this Ardell people this is a shameless request). I must mention that each set comes with a mini DUO® lash adhesive, which is the best adhesive going. I have tried almost every pair in the range but I keep going back to the demi-wispies. I buy mine from Superdrug but you can get them online direct from Ardell or Amazon.

Drop me an email or a comment should there be anything that you need to know that I haven’t covered, I love lashes almost as much as I love a Friesian cow.

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